I'm looking for some fiddle music books. Where's a good store in Tucson?

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please have a listen & if there are any artists or songs you think I should add please comment :)


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Hi all,
I'm new to the SAZOFA group. I'm not a fiddler (!) but rather a guitar/mando/bass player. I play in an eclectic string band called French Quarter. www.frenchquarterstringband.com. We are very interested in the possibility of bringing a fiddler into the group. We currently have 2 guitars, mandolin, bass and percussion. We swap off on instruments occasionally and add stuff like autoharp, banjo, harmonica and kazoo as appropriate. Anyone in this association interested in playing with us once or twice to see if the chemistry works?
Paul Domingue
About the Band - French Quarter
About the Band - French Quarter

Am I aloud to let people know about a Bluegrass event coming up in AZ?

Hi, my name is Eric. I'm 37 and have been teaching myself (through videos and books) to play the fiddle. I'm not very good but that isn't stopping me from enjoying it. I'm interested in joining your group and hoping to learn from you.

Hello, I'm a violin performance major at the U of A. I would like to play Orange Blossom spacial for my senior recital, but I can't find transcriptions that include an improvised part for violin. Does your group have sheet music that includes the notes for an imporvised violin part? Thank you!
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