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I had this idea that if you choose to start with magic training, you got two named spells/effects. That's not actually IN MM though, is it? I'm just thinking of Whitehack, right?


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I made this the other day in an attempt at positive procrastination. Worth doubling the character sheet size for?

Does anyone have a good set of questions to ask a group of players to collaboratively create a setting? I'm familiar with the Freebooters of the Frontier method for fantasy but I want something more genre-neutral.

I think this is perfect for MM since it can handle most everything out of the box.

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Here's a mix of encounter and exploration dR table. Roll a d4 alongside it and you get a situation. From a forgotten potion to an ambush by the main faction, with a few clues and durations in the mix.

What do you think?

Swords will break - and characters too.

The Morale dR is initially linked to your Wisdom.
After those events, roll your dR.
1. 24hours adventuring
2. Death of someone in your party (including followers)
3. Near Death Experience
Once your Morale dR has gone, you are a broke man - you've got a disadvantage on just about anything.
To get your Morale up, you need to do something relaxing like parenting, sexing, boozing, praying, whatever suits your PC; your Morale dR increases a rank for each full day relaxing.

Thoughts about events you think should trigger a Morale test, about alternative consequences (plain disadvantage on everything is boring), about ideas to recover?

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U-Con in Michigan.
My Macchiato Monsters game went well. Tomb the Iron God. I didn't kill anybody though tried. And the goblin who lived. The most outlandish Trait was Monk. No half-golems, though I mentioned the term twice.

Played a Tekumel game with Lamentations the Flame Princess run by +John Till​. Sooooo many demons. And we killed 6 of them. I should have memorized Summon.

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Running Tomb of the Iron God with MM at U-Con in Michigan this weekend.
So tomorrow I head off to U-Con in Ypsilanti Michigan. I'll be running three games.

Friday at 9am: I'm running the Tomb of the Iron God using Macchiato Monsters rules. (OSR Track)

While traveling through a town, you hear a rumor about a monastery out of town that was hit by lightning over a hundred times during a single thunderstorm.

Saturday at 9am: Beneath the Mound, a Tekumel underworld adventure using The Petal Hack. (Tekumel Track)

A fresh underworld is known only to your clan. You have a map and notes, and priests to study a temple of Chiténg there. Your clan wants you to continue exploration. A sequel to Avanthe's Ample Bosom from last year.

Sunday 2pm: The Striving, a Tekumel underworld adventure using The Petal Hack. (Tekumel Track)

Renyu, a race of canine humanoids, become adults at 8 years old in your tribe of wild Renyu. It's time for the Bak-Chor, the Striving. The tribe's 8 year olds will be left in the jungle to survive. If one fails, they all fail.

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In the next few months, I want to playtest some procedures for travel and exploration.

If I was to run two-hour Flailsnails sessions with a short notice, would you want to get the invites? I'd be able to run during the day to accommodate the GMT challenged among you.

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+Eric Nieudan can you tease us with hints of what's gonna be in the new version of MM?

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Everyone's a caster!

I'm reading a lot of spell books these days, as I like to incorporate weird magicks into my games. I usually let PCs with magic training learn the spells they find on scrolls without having to spend a progression slot for them, but what about other characters? Here's an idea:

Between adventures (1), check INT, WIS, or CHA depending of the type of spell. On a pass, you learn the spell. The scroll is destroyed in any case.

To cast a known spell without magical training:
- you cannot spend more HP than your level
- you always roll with disadvantage
- should you let ambient chaos interfere, the dR is rolled with disadvantage.

(1) if your campaign has strict time records, this should take a number of days proportional to the spell's power. (Like 1 day per spell level if you lifted it from a classic source.)
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