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Kill all your negative thoughts & adopt a good habit on the happy occasion of #Dussehra festival Ravya Drinks !
Have A Happy & Healthy Dussehra!
#Dussehra #HappyDussehra2017 #Festival #VictoryOfGood #VijayaDashami #Health #Drinks #GoodHabbit #EffigyOfRavana

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May Maa Durga Fill Your Life With Lots Of Happiness & Joy On This Navratri Festival - Ravya Drinks!
#HappyNavratri2017 #Happiness #Health #MaaDurgaBlessing #Drink #TurmericDrink #RavyaDrinks

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Turmeric Latte part of your daily diet
* Reduces Bad Cholesterol
* Reduces Inflammation
* Improve Skin Complexion
* Improves liver Function
* Purifies the Blood
#RavyaTurmericTea #TurmericLatte #LiveHealthy #PowerfulTea
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A Big Thanks to all who visited us at National Nutrition Week (Max Hospital Mohali) made it a big success (y)

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The many amazing health benefits of Turmeric Latte

>> Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic
>> Powerful analgesic for inflammatory pain
>> Boosts the immune system
>> Promotes healthy digestion
>> Anti-carcinogenic
>> Liver Detoxifier
>> Regulates metabolism
>> Beneficial for skin conditions
>> Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
>> Improves brain function and reduces risk of brain disease
>> May slow the progression of Alzheimer’s
>> May lower risk of heart disease

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Though there are umpteen good reasons why a Mobile Sales Force Automation solution is a must-have for any FMCG organization, let us glance through some of the top most ones. Get a free Demo of Zoom visit:

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Want Your Service and Maintenance Procedures Perfect? – Implement a Reliable and Effective #Software #App

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#VehicleTrackingSystem#GPS Fleet #TrackingSystem | SPEC INDIA
Hoards of vehicles to manage and monitor is always a challenging task. Here is the most perfect solution to seamlessly supervise the entire fleet of an organization – an all-inclusive and complete Vehicle Tracking System, which is a sure shot staircase to any kind of information, the top management would need. Visit to know more and schedule a Free Demo.

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