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OK guys if you want to be in the series start making characters

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Name: Zane Orion
Race: Saiyan
Age: 16
Power Level: 7 Million

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Name: Kuriza
Race : Frieza's Race
Age: Around 10 To 12
Relatives: Chilled (Great-Grandfather)
King Cold (Grandfather) Cooler (Uncle)
Frieza (Father)

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Name: Pax or 息子パックス
Race: Half-Saiyan
Ki color: Blue (in Mystic clear)
Relationships: Father Sergio. Mother Else
Personality: Energetic, Friendly
Bio: Born in Earth. When I was 4, my parents went to Namek for SCIENCE. This was also the time my mentor (not at the time) Goku fought The Tyrant Freeza, I was lucky to escape, with a escape pod. My parents died or missing in action. I later joined the Z fighters
Age (Which ever is good)
Abilities: SSJ, SSJ2, Mystic, Mystic SSJ and Mystic SSJ2 (Mystic is what Ultimate Gohan used, so Mystic x SSJ and SSJ2)
Relationships?: none really
Moves: Kamehameha x10 Kamehameha (I'm Mystic SSJ and SSJ2) Big Bang Attack Metor Crash Burning Slash Orin Combo. (Xenoverse move)

Sword Zenkai Sword
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