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Theme - Krishna , Code - HP0079
Fabric - Pure Slik ( Hand Woven),Work - Hand Painting
Blouse - Yes, Stock - Available, Redesign - Yes, 
To order, please email -,, Mob - +91 9000300006( Whats App)

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Saree Salwar Lehenga Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India
Saree Salwar Lehenga Exporter, and Shopping Store. Sringaar is one of the largest selling Saree, Salwar Kameez and Lehenga Brand all over world.

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Want to be special with exclusive designer wear Dupatta's and Sarees?

Try Our Hand Painted Dupatta's and Sarees at affordable prices. We design your product after you order placed  and every collection will be unique. 

salam ca va

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I enjoy the flowing design of the clothing. Well done;)
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