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I was just exploring the woods with my great pal air. He was my power orb I took along with me and half the walk through the dark he some Times gets cozy in my shirt. I seem to spot you doing something like camping out I duck down and make sure that you are not looking at me before I do something.

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Name: Blenda wildfire/bw

Age: 125 years old

Gender: female

Sex: straight (has kids and a husband already. no more ships)

Breed: salamanderling.

Ablitys: shape shift, and super speed

Wepons: element orbs fire, water, earth,wind, ice, slime, and proton. (How the orbs look are down in the pics they even have a mind of there own giving warnings and messages when ever possible.)

Pred or prey: pred

Occupation: Princess of the neather realm LEOTA.

Bio: (short story) Blenda was a normal human she found a lightning orb took it then was turned into a god. But it all was in a price. She turned half Dragon and changling giving birth to dragons without knowing. Now she is the queen of the land she found her orb.
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Name: Artemis Hunter Lomar

Age: 30 but has the knowledge of a 3000 year old

species: Winged wolf, winged neko

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bi- prefers women

appearence: Is white with blue stripes down her back, arms and legs, she has a few symbols on her face and her wings are mostly blue

pred or prey: usually prey sometimes pred

Likes: kids, magic, being swallowed sometimes digested, she also likes women, a lot, she likes being bitten, and she likes sex, a lot

dislikes: most males, she can't seem to get along with them to often, doesn't like mean people, she won't tolerate them unless it is part of a sexual roleplay, but she doesn't do that often

Bio: My story starts in a post apocalyptic earth, I was born in the metros under Russia, half human, half winged wolf. I was born to make peace in this world, to stop the fighting between the two races, the humans, and the furries. I was born from a goddess, my mother, the human one, she was extremely powerful, although, I don't seem to have come into my power just yet. Anyways back onto my story. When I was born another war between the two races had just started up again and they were about to slaughter each other again, destroying the little they had left. So my mother cast a spell, gave me knowledge, I still think she regrets not being able to raise me like she wanted to...I think that she would have liked to raise a child, but...this was too important. Now mind you, my mother was powerful enough to stop this all, with a flick of her wrist, but...she couldn't make people go against their own wills, which is good I guess. Anyways, I grew up with in a few months, having all the knowledge that a centuries old goddess would have, and I knew what I had to do, their were some people who were unchangeable, people who would not accept that there should be peace, they only wanted violence and vengeance. I still regret to this day that I could not save them, that I couldn't change them to be better. But I kept going, persevering through all the fighting, until I finally got a group together, people who were sick of the fighting and wanted it to stop, people who wanted to change.

When I found that group I was surprised, there were thousands of humans, and furries who were leaving in quiet peace among all the violence, they were refugees from various warring tribes all living together. I talked to them to see if they would help my cause, they told me they wanted no part in a war, that they would stay there and wait everything out. But the war wouldn't be so kind to them and was at their doorstep within a few weeks, I...had to kill, to save them, I couldn't let the only good people I had met in that wasteland die because I didn't want to kill. But when they saw me stand up, fight for a better world, the rose up too, fighting to bring back a peaceful world they had once knew, together we brought peace to the various tribes, showing how it is possible to live in harmony and that we didn't have to fight each other.

The world changed after that, the peace slowly growing and spreading throughout the world. MY mother finally stepped in and did her part, clearing up the surface radiation so that they could once more come to the surface and live out their lives where they were meant to be. I stayed for a while to ensure the peace stayed, and it did, people were finally happy again, children didn't have to live in fear, it was....beautiful to say the least. But I could not stay, as an unseen force took me from that world and pushed me into a new one, one with a new issue.

And this is where the first chapter ended, and a new one started....

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Any tinies willing to be a little chew toy for a playful dog? (Type of dog can be changed)

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Hi everyone! Here is my profile

Name: ? (Unknown)

Age: 18

Species: Furret

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 1.80 mt.

Weight: 50 kg.

Appearance: See picture

Pred or prey: Always pred

Likes: Gizmos, tricky plans, lewdness

Dislikes: Being submitted, failure, being tricked

Bio: His parents got killed by a predator right after his birth, managing to escape by losing only his ears (that's why he has no name). This experience let him follow a very strict philosophy, "eat or be eaten", that makes him cynic, calculator and very manipulative. He loves to lure his preys by seeming friendly, and he "plays" with his food by using some gizmos that he tries to assemble by using what he finds around, usually during the night. And, if his stomach isn't rumbling, then he will fill himself in some other way~ (no AV). He fell in love to a human (he wants to eat it without killing it), who is very smart and doesn't fall in his traps... usually (maybe I will make a profile even for the human too). In a couple of words, if he's friendly with you, it's because he's thinking of an income.

Art by me, do not repost plz

Any females wanna fuck me then digest me into their body fat and then have more sex?

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Name: Nicholas
Species: Once human but now a furry
Age: 24
Height: 5,4
Role: Prey
Vore Preferences: Most except Unbirth

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