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No, it wasn't getting married or winning the lottery - it was the breakthrough into a new dimensioin of experience. It is difficult to describe what it was like - frightening and thrilling. I explain the essence of it in LIFE'S LITTLE SECRETS -
Life’s Little Secrets

It starts off - There are fundamental things about this that I have never heard anyone say they were taught at school. Yet these little secrets are life sustaining, and enable us to survive awful knocks and immense changes.

ALSO ANOTHER SECRET is explained in
Avoiding Being My Own Victim -

It might be difficult to believe, but it wiped away emotional pain. Yes I lost my father and mother; and my best friend I watched die of cancer, all without grief, but pain is about animal reactions - and yes, we are all animals and so still need to recognise how to handle our love and pain. We are often all victims to our own animal heritage. And no, I am not now an unfeeling and unemotional brute
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