Receive a game, play it, then give it to someone else.
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Anders K. Madsen

Announce Giveaways  - 
Giving away some games I really love to people with positive PiF ratios.
I've been collecting a few of my favorite games, plus a copy of Indie Game: The Movie, to give away. The full list of items (all Steam gifts --- [proo...
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Workaholics. It's a show about 3 friends. One of them is named Anders, they call him Ders. Workaholics: Doing Snip-its
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So hello everyone, I have a few Dota2 keys (3) if anyone is interessed.
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About this community

Play it Forward: Receive a game, play it, then give it to someone else. This community is about gifting more than receiving, you are expected to give back if you receive a game. Create a thread to give a game, you can hold a contest or pick a random winner. The winner plays the game, then buys a copy to someone else Visit for more details.

Robert Baker

General  - 
I discovered this tonight in a SG Addon, I been working on mine for 2 weeks now.
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