Bless the Lord at all times,speak more stand tall on Gods lines,on Gods word,on Gods worth,On Gods Love,God sons Birth and his death,on his resurection and how he never left,he will never leave,Hes the air we breathe,hes all we need,Hes our all in all,never slouch in doubt, but stand tall to Gods call..Believe
By sean pough

Life wasnt ment to be perfect but work towards perfection,rebuke your negative ways ,be a role models for the adolessons. Pray frequently, keep a strong connection,embrace the victory,focus can sometimes be complex,tap into to the God living in thee,head in the right direction,even if you arent well medically praise him for being present,He made you the head and not the tail,the top of the throne,Forever in your favor he will never leave you alone..Hes faithful.

Teach my hands to war in praise,God accepts you at any stage in your life. at any age,its too late to repent at the arrival of your grave,Drop to your knees,repent in Jesus name and be saved,Salvation is free dont need your life savings,bathe me in holy water to loose any evil ways,tomarrow or today God can extract you ,save your soul brethren you dont need my advice you know what to do..He arose

By Sean Pough

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