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Name: BillFord
Gender: Male
Height: 5.6
Weight: 190
Weapons: The mind scape deals and weirdmagedan
Likes: Weirdmagedon
Dislikes: The Journals
Bio: Ford: I was born in new Jersey with a extra finger. Bill: I was brought in this world by Journal one.

Name: Alice Pines
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio: Bill came up to me in the forest and put his blood in me. Very powerful. Caused the 2nd wierdmagetton.
Likes: showing no emotions, scary anything, Pines family.
Dislikes: Anything with feelings.
Friends: Bill Cipher (feels forced), Pines family.
Enemies: To many to list
Personality: Emotionless, Nice, Kind, Very Secretive.
Appearance: wears Leather Jacket and black jeans, Blue and green eyes, Blond hair that looks like Mabel's.
Weapon: powers and marital arts.
How long you've lived in Gravity Falls or how long you're visiting: 1 month 

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kazato is in the mystery shack observing a blade

Name: Rosabella Dylan(I go by nickname)

Age 14

Gender: female

Likes: cats, music(mainly rock), learning, and mysteries

Dislikes: fire, Bill, and demon dimension 

Family: gone

Weapons: a knife

Powers: possession, teleporting, control dreams

Sexuality: straight

Bf: no one

Crush: not saying

Bio: you'll find out

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Name: Mabel Gleeful
Age: 15
Gender: female
Likes: Money, to entertain, her amulet, using/taunting bill.
Dislikes: bright pink fluffy fru fru crap, when dippers right, pacifica and Gideon, and pointless shows.
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Lunessa slips into the mystery shack, looking around with a smile on her face as she see's all the treasures and trinkets around, curious at what new things the small gift shop had brought in since she's been away, she glances around not sure where Stan is Mr Pines..? Are you here??? after huffing in disappointment at the missing man, she goes around the store, looking for a new trinket to add to her collection

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Name: Lunessa
Nickname(s): Nes, shorty, Kitty, midget, and so on with the short and dainty jokes....
Age: 16((however most say she looks 11 or 12))
Gender: Female
Likes: The mystery shack, people who intrigue her, music, the forest, drawing or sketching, kind people
Dislikes: Being reminded of her past, Witch hunters, herself
Personality: Upbeat, quirky, a little shy. she's kind and accepting of everyone and everything, she see's the good in people instead of the bad, mostly because she see's herself as the lowest of low, so she believes that she has no right to judge because of her past and what she is
Bio:  Lunessa was born to her mother((a witch)) and her father((a human)) along with her two sisters((one older, one younger)) however when she was only two years old((one sister four, the other just a newborn)) her family was attacked by witch hunters, her parents were slaughtered in front of her, her sisters disappeared((most likely dead)) this ruined her innocent, mind, and her magic went out of control, by the time she came to, her parents murderers laid as corpses in front of her, vague memories of what happened plaguing her mind, since then she'd promised herself to never use her powers against another person. She burned the house to the ground, creating graves for her parents, and the sisters she was unable to find. All clues that could possibly lead back to her she destroyed, and left off for a new home, she managed to arrive at gravity falls before passing out, she was taken in by a loving family, and they have been taking care of her since, though as long as she's been in gravity falls, people still forget how old she is
((Please tell me if there's anything I need to fix! I'd very much appreciate it :) I hope you like it!))

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Name: Aston Martin

Age: 14

Gender: female

Bio: Aston has sorta a rough past, being an escaped test subject she tries to keep a low profile around and hides her wings and tail feathers wich can be hard.

Personality: loyal to her friends, shy around other's for awhile and is strong spirited and just wants to be free.

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teasing dipper by running with the 3rd book (this is before they started looking for the arthor,the pic only shows the dipper know how venessa looks. It has nothing to do with the rp)

lay on grass man I'm board
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