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This is just something I drew.

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Cutie Mark Laboratories - WHY ARE WE BRONIES? "Ex…:
Why we are Bronys :3

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Should i give sneak-peaks for my newest "Story"?
(I just took a random pic mkay?)
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Don't care than much..
Don't care than much..

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A crossover that I wrote (BFDI / Vocaloid)
BFDI Witch Hunt
POV: Leafy...kind of
Note: The reason why Firey and Coiny don't fight here is because they don't know each other yet.
Anyways, here it is.

As Firey and I were taking a tour of the museum, I noticed something strange. There was a picture of a woman being burnt at stake. It had definitely happened long ago, since people were no longer burnt at stake. I was going to point the picture out to the guy who was giving us the tour, but Firey beat me to it.
"What happened?" he asked, pointing to the picture.
The tour giver stopped, and I saw tears fall from his eyes.
"You don't have to tell us," I said as soon as I saw the sadness that overtook him as we mentioned the picture."
"No," he said, "It's just a rumor, anyway.
"Once upon a time, there was a prince. His name was Coiny. However, being a prince was pretty boring. He wanted to get out of the palace. So one day, he snuck out to a part of the town where he was sure nobody lived in, but he still bumped into someone.
"The first thing he saw from then on was the worried face of a needle. 'I'm sorry,' she said.
"Coiny then asked,'Who are you?'
" 'Needle,' she answered, 'and what's your name?'
" 'Coiny. Can I call you Needy?'
"Needle slapped him. 'Don't call me Needy!' she said, 'Anyways, can you help me find this address?' She gave him a slip of paper.
" 'That's my house!' Coiny exclaimed.
" 'Really?' Needle asked.
" 'Yes,' answered Coiny, but who would want to buy... whatever this says?'
" 'Let's find out,' Needle said, and they left.
"Soon, they arrived at the palace. The king frowned. 'I would ground you, Coiny,' he said, 'but there is a ball coming up, and you can't miss it. Anyway, who's your friend?' "
" 'Needy,' he replied, and got a slap in return from Needle. 'Actually, it's Needle, Your Majesty' she corrected, then Coiny playfully nudged her, and she playfully nudged him back. The king watched all this in amusement. However, his advisor, who was a girl Coiny's age, was less then amused.
"The advisor, whose name was Pin, cleared her throat. 'Excuse me,' she said, interrupting Coiny and Needle's exchange. She turned to the king. 'In all due respect, Your Majesty, I think you should ask why Needle's here.' "
" 'I was told to deliver this,' Needle held out some potions, 'to here.'
" 'What are these?' the king asked.
" 'Your Majesty, there must have been a mistake, for all people fear witches, ' Pin said.
" 'Actually, my daughter is sick, Your Majesty, and I ordered that,' a woman cried out, and Needle gave the potions to her.
" 'Very well,' said the king, 'Needle, you are now excused.' Needle did her best curtsy, smiled at Coiny, and left, as Coiny gazed after her. And that was the beginning of the relationship between them.
"Coiny and Needle's friendship later became love, as they both felt something very special. However, one day, when going to visit Needle, he noticed a crowd gathering around a stake. 'Oh,' he said,'so now they've accused yet another person of being a witch.'
" 'Yes,' said a voice behind him. Coiny turned. It was Pin.
" 'Apparently, Needle is a witch,' she said.
" 'WHAT?!!' Coiny said, then he pushed through the crowd, and found Needle being burnt at stake. 'Needle!' he yelled.
" 'Coiny!' Needle yelled back, 'Everyone says that I bewitched you into loving me, but I didn't!'
" 'Yes, you did!' a voice yelled. Coiny turned to see Pin march up. 'Don't deny it!' Pin yelled.
" 'Don't believe her!' Needle cried.
"Coiny looked back and forth between the two girls. On one hand, he loved Needle. On the other hand, Pin was the king's advisor, after all. So who was he to believe?
"But then his father made the decision for him. 'Let this witch be punished!' he yelled, and the crowd roared. Coiny was scared to interrupt him, so he backed away, but he could still see the betrayed look on her face. He was ashamed.
"But the burning at stake didn't last long, for soon Needle sprouted wings and broke free. 'Let this remain forever as proof of what you done!' she yelled, and crying, she flew away," the tour guide told us.
"Wow, that was sad," I said and Firey nodded.
Suddenly, a woman went up to the tour guide. "The museum is about to close," she said, and the tour guide looked at us. "I guess you better be heading home." So we said our goodbyes and turned away. But then, just at that very second, I realized that the tour guide was a coin, and the woman who came up to him was a pin...
I looked back, but there was nobody there. In fact, the museum wasn't there either. I guess that that's another mystery for another day, then.
I based it on this video:

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So,Im Making a Story,Called the Magicans Wolf,Its about a Half Wolf Half Dog Pup Spoil:She Grows Up at the End o3o ,She was Abondoned With the Rest of her litter,And Another Littter of Puppys Too,Left in a Box Saying "Free Puppys" ,A Magican Finds The Box and Takes her,Along with a Russet Fox-Like Pup,And Her Brother,A Few Days after she Goes to the Magicans House,He Gets Cancer.She Must Go out into the Streets,Using The Magicans Hat ((Witch is Magic)) To Turn Human.She Must Earn enough Money To bring him to the Hospital,But Where she Lives,Jobs are Hard to find....
Would Anybody Read?
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Neh,Not my Type,But go on Anyway!!
No,Stupid Idea
Depends How well Written it is

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second attemt!
Animated Photo

No one has posted in the writing section for a loooong time.

It's a simple question.
What do you think makes a story worth reading? What do you think a story NEEDS to have?

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first attempt at gif making!
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Dun Dun Dun... Art spam!!!
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