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Sheet Navigator Add-on which is available as a sidebar in Google Sheets, has been updated. Now it includes following features.
- Search sheets by sheet name
- Sort sheets names alphabetically
- Hide/Unhide sheet by single click
- Rename sheet
- Duplicate a sheet
- Delete sheet
This add-on is extremely useful if your spreadsheet has a large number of sheets. This add-on makes the navigation easier between sheets.

If you have new feature ideas, feel free to comment.
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SHEET NAVIGATOR add-on is now available through a NEW link and website. The previous add-on should be removed.

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Introducing Sheet Navigator, which is a must have for spreadsheets that have a large number of sheets. With Sheet Navigator it will give you an easy horizontal listing of all your sheets. You can show / hide hidden sheets from the list, and best of all it includes a quick filter to find the sheet that you are looking for.
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