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Choice Eliminator Update ~ use dropdown instead of multiple choice for better reliability.

Please spread the word. A user reached out to me today and noticed that it was only Muliple-choice questions that were unreliable, and that changing the question to a dropdown caused many of the issues to go away. The person is using the form with over 1200 students.

I updated the warning when you open CE, it now reads:

Take Note!!!!

Use dropdown question type instead of multiple choice for better reliability.

Questions are set to required automatically to prevent two people taking the form at the same time from choosing the same option. When Google launched their new forms they broke this functionality for multiple-choice questions. This means that if two people are taking the form at the same time and have the form up. If person A selects 8:00 and submits, then person B selects 8:00 and submits it will go through as if the option was still available.

A user of CE has discovered that if you use a Dropdown type question instead of multiple-choice, the question will be stopped if the option has been chosen already. There is still a process time of a couple seconds per question where errors can occur but using a dropdown will increase reliablity greatly.

~ Bjorn Behrendt

+Bjorn Behrendt, CE2 keeps giving me an error whenever I try to change the limit on a choice. When I close the window and re-open, all the choices have reverted back to one. Any tips?

Choice Eliminator request -

In a future update, can you adjust Choice Eliminator so that it eliminates the choice after a specified number of forms have been submitted with that choice. For instance, it would eliminate a choice after 5 people have submitted their form with the same option/choice.


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All of my forms are not working correctly. They are collecting data, but not eliminating choices.


Tried CE2 on a Google Form for my son's hockey team for jersey numbers. I used the drop down list, but it doesn't seem to be eliminating any numbers. 

How can I know what item someone has selected?

In the survey question I've connected with Choice Eliminator 2 is a list of items people can choose from. All works fine and the choices vanish as they are chosen.

However, in the Responses tab, there is no way I know of to see the item an individual has chosen. I can see the selections in the summary responses but not by individual.

Is anyone aware of a way to find out what each individual has selected?

I wanted to say thanks as I found your script for Google Sheet Add-on Shopping Cart. I do like how it works and wondered if anyone was working on an iPad/iPhone / Android app to attach it while on the go? I wanted to start selling while I am out and think it would be perfect for on the go like when I sell on Letgo. 

when I turn on Choice Eliminator 2 it is forcing my questions to be required. I do not want them to be required. Why is it doing this?

Hi. First, I want to say thanks for your work. I really appreciate it.
I've been using your "Copy Folder" app for some months now and it's been really helpful. However, suddenly, earlier today when I tried to copy a folder, I got a "Fail!" message and it only created an empty folder with the same name as the original. Now every time I try to copy any folder, it results in the same outcome. Also, there is a side effect to this problem, which is now I can't even use Google Drive's "Make a copy" feature. I've tried removing and/or re-installing the add-on multiple times, but to no avail. Although, when I tried using another gmail account, it works without problem as usual.
I hope you can address this issue as soon as possible. I really like this app.
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