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Footej Camera 2.2.4 is now available on Google Play!


- Added more manual exposure shutter speed steps
- Added more options for burst minimum interval time
- Maximum images for burst mode has been raised
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

Maybe I'm stupid but I don't understand how to use the panorama mode correctly: there are nine dots and a ring that moves slowly from left to right. There is some interaction between the dots and the rings (ring becomes blue and dot is larger). But only if I move the view incredibly slow (compared to the panorama mode of other cameras). Is there SOME explanation on this somewhere (webpage, Youtube video). I'm sure once the principle is explained it will be obvious as the rest of the app is rather self-explanatory

I won't be able to use ali mo feature in samsung galaxy j7 prime in india . I'm using beta version of this app . Please solve it . Only for all mo video I used this app . Thanx

Is it possible to add shutter speed more than 1sec? Like 3 or 5 seconds

Panorama is no longer available in the latest version.

Hola podrías considerar agregar la opción de auto enfoque.

Is there any of you that use footej on Pixel XL? I don't think Footej uses the full potential of the camera. The images comes out good but there is some blur to all the photos in dim light. But in daylight there is very close to stock.

Footej camera doesn't support lowshutter mode ..
I think u have to update this feature ..
I pay for premium membership .. plz update the shutter control mode

Hi Everyone 👋

I’ve been using Footej Camera Premium for a long time and it’s a great camera app and I really do like it. I just got a feature request that I would love to have in the next release of Footej Camera.

Would it be possible to add a portrait mode into Footej Camera?
I know it might be hard to add that but I’ve used the old version of Google Camera and it had this feature called “Lens Blur” which allowed us to create a depth of field to the subject or a selfie. I thinking maybe you could take inspiration of Google’s Lens Blur feature and bring it into Footej Camera.

Otherwise I really do like this camera app, and I really appreciate your hard work in this app, thank you 😊

Screen turns black when turned to landscape mode
On zenfone 2 x86
Bug report already sent a month ago (no response)
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