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Footej Camera 1.1.12 is now available on Google Play!


- Turkish language added
- Bug with french language fixed
- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvements

I have 4.4.2 why don't working 

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Nougat no longer can install the app, saying "device not supported" :(

Hi, i have a moto x¹ ghost, and the play store say my device is not supported

Is raw format availablefor any device camera? Xperia XA Ultra 

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Hi, few things that could make the app better:

1. Whenever the camera app launches, it forces the screen to landscape. This causes a significant delay with displaying the viewfinder because the phone needs to rotate the screen first, then display the camera. It's better if the camera doesn't force perspective, but adapts to it.

2. Focus Assist. Super useful feature and great for taking crisp pictures. What it does is (when activated) tapping on the screen (or button) zooms the screen to 100% so you can fine-tune the focus. This results in a super crisp image.

3. Move the purchase and star icon into the gear (settings).

4. Center the menu items in the viewfinder (see screenshot). Phone is a OnePlus 3 Android 7.1.1 with 1080p set to 410 dp.

5. Looking at the screenshot, maybe move the 3 lines to the left and rotate it when the user rotates their phone (screenshot rotated incorrectly, supposed to be portrait. See issue #1).

6. Panorama Mode, maybe throw in Timelapse.

7. A dedicated Gallery launcher app.

Thanks in advance, it'll make the app a lot better!

CC: +Stratos Karafotis

Hey there, I'm having a little annoying problem with the camera: all the photos I take with the front camera turn out upside down, this only happens with this camera app. Tried to turn on the "flip photos from front camera" option in the settings but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?

Android 7.1.1. When switch to video recording app is turned off. Lenovo k3note. Firmware AOSP from 4pda

Why the play store say the latest version isn't supported in my device?
Moto x¹ Ghost
Xperience ROM 11
Android 7.0
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