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All good fun today at the #L4G   #Link4Coffee  event at the Arkley in #Barnet  ... who do you recognise?
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I'm a fairly new driver and as a result I've been slapped with quite a few parking tickets.  

It can be really confusing and frustrating figuring out where to park for free. FREE parking  in and around Barnet High Street. Very confusing!!!.

In Moxon Street car park there are 64 spaces which are FREE (Monday - Saturday 8am - 6.30pm) for up to one hour. After that, up to 2 hours costs £2.00 and up to 4 hours costs either £2.50 or £4.00 depending upon which Barnet Council website you get your information from. The bays along the road by Hadley Green are FREE for up to 2 hours. But if you park for more than two hours it will cost you £4.55.

Now here is a bit of infomation that most shoppers are not aware of, you can park FREE for 15mins in the LOADING BAYS in the High Street between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m - Monday to Saturday. That is 15 minutes free parking -  no return within the hour. 

I'm a little wary of this, and not sure that the traffic wardens wont slap me with a ticket. If you know your rights and enjoy standing up for yourself, you can give it a go. 

I think parking is FREE everywhere on Sundays except the spires.

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Can't wait for this one... don't forget, it's totally free (not the booze!) sign up now and let's kick off Christmas! Any excuse :-) #link4growth  

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Coming soon... watch this space!

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We hope you are going to join us in the morning... you never know who you might miss... or who might miss you!

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A really casual, informal community gathering to meet and get to know some new and interesting people! Link4drinks The Mitre from 6pm - Join us? ... Because you never know who you might miss meeting!!!... just please register, there is no charge! 

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Because you never know who you might meet... or what you might miss!

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+Chris Ogle giving us the 36th weekly #L4GNews  update and there is a whole heap going on in #Link4Growth  right now... time to start getting involved? ... start to participate in rebuilding our communities... we can all make a contribution!

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Anyone for Table Tennis... Barnet Table Tennis Centre fantastic way to stay fit and personally have used the centre for 30 years+ now!!
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