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Hey Directioners... Thanks for joining!! Have fun!!! "

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Please see my collection

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Niall rocks

Who is excited for BACK TO YOU, DUNKIRK!!????

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I,m a directtioner.I love you guys your the best.

Thanks for adding me.this is group is excellent I love one direction and their music.

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I am disappointed. I sent that we have critical situation. Although ther is no
reaction. Tommorrow we will lose. our fandom is big and surely we will win, but most of you dont vote. 2 or 3 people vote but very often I am only. Can we show them power and win with them? Fandom is the way to support each other. Slowly I stop believing in our fandom. Arent we the best?!!!!!!!! Do we want to Harmonizers win? I feel that big part of 1D Family lost hope to win this. Enough is 10 people to survive Harmonizers attack. Voting last till 2nd July. 
spent about two months on voting for my boys. I feel tired of your passivity. I thought that we are the best but I was wrong. Why are we the best? We are just teenage girls who are dreaming about meeting a member of boyband. We are not very special or unique. I have big shall to you, Directioners or... Directionators. I hope I am wrong with this what I wrote. I dont need your likes, I am asking for your support in voting. I feel lonely with it. i feel lonely with this voting. Harmoniozers can mobilize but we cant. We arent the best. They are the best. Their power. We havent got it. Their mobilization. We havent got it. They can , but we cant. No, we cant. WE CANT: Ten Harmonizers vote. Cant 15 Directioners vote regularly? Situation changes so fast. We do 200 votes and they have next thousand. Is it hard to vote ? You can only send photos and write how much you love them. Where is your support for boys?!!!
Thanks for reading. I am depressed your ignorance.

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Best bananas ever
Kiss bananas
One bananas or another
Midnight bananas
If bananas could fly
Hey bananas
Last first bananas
Summer bananas
bananas again
They don't know about bananas

Midnight bananas😜😜😂
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