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In case anyone's interested, one of the Humble Bundles right now is primarily made up of royalty-free assets for CryEngine, which Crytek recently made pay-what-you-want. Doesn't seem like a bad investment for the aspiring game designer!

did he assign any homework yesterday

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Hey everyone, last night I was on Reddit and realized that the Digital Media department didn't have it's own subreddit and thought of how great of a social tool it would be for everyone in digital media at ETSU. It would be a great place for anyone in any DIGM concentration to go if they want opinions on their work, advice, have questions answered, answer others questions, discuss cool topics in digital media, and just have a really cool and open community that everyone can use! I personally use Reddit for a lot of my work and participate in mini Photoshop "contests" (r/photoshopbattles), mini 3D challenges (r/Daily3D), and have gotten REALLY good feedback that has personally improved my work.

I really think it could grow into something really great and would highly recommend giving it a shot! Feel free to post whatever you want relating to Digital Media, whether it be a screencap of what you're currently working on, a finished render, ask a question, help someone with a problem (Renderman/Maya issues anyone?), discuss a cool trailer or screenshot that just came out, or whatever! It's a new subreddit so it's going to take some activity and members to get it going, so please feel free to share this link around!

If you don't have an account on Reddit, you can securely make one if you want without entering an email address (Reddit won't send you emails anyway if you do include your email). It's completely understandable if you don't want to make an account on Reddit and you will still be able to view posts and such on the subreddit even if you don't have an account. If you want to post and participate though, you have to have an account to do so. Reddit really is a great site for pretty much everything, so I would highly recommend giving it a shot! If you want to check it out, the link is below:

Also, like I said before, I made this subreddit so that it can evolve. I have some modified CSS code so we can change out the banner image, logo, page graphics, etc. I will probably end up giving DIGM professors and/or instructors special flair and moderator permissions so they can post announcements and such that will appear at the top of the page if they want to join in too. I put in a good amount of work into this yesterday (mainly editing some of the CSS code and making the tiny Edge club hoodie for our own Snoo alien), so I hope everyone will check it out!

I made this group so that everyone can share/discuss stuff going on in this class and external materials that can help with class assignments. This also gives us a way to help each other out and gives everyone an alternative to just "googling" it. This community setup worked out great for Marlow's Animation Fundamentals, so I thought we could try it for this class!
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