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One Direction HQ || Twitter UPdate:

onedirection: USA! You can win a trip to see the guys in London at (NoPurNec: #ad

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+Jane From State Farm 
Here's for being amazing <3 

It's your three year anniversary, and you bought Harry this nice watch you saw him eyeing. When he arrives at your house you give him the watch. He looks confused and asks you "What is this for babe?"
"Did you forget?" You ask. 
"Forget… Oh." He turns red and runs out the house. He is gone for about twenty minutes, before he comes back in. You go to yell at him, but he kisses you. 
He gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. "Will you marry me (Insert name)? I promise to never, ever forget this special day again."
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+Jane From State Farm (not letting me tag you for some reason)

Who wants an ID

+Jane From State Farm OMG I haven't been on Google + in like forevers, and I wanna thank you for actually helping to keep this community alive <3

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Probs gonna regret this but go ahead and like!!!

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I don't know if any if you ship Larry Ziam and Narry but I saw these pics and just kinda fell in love with them
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Guys I haven't done this in a while but who wants an outfit made for them????
Just comment
1 what boy (does it have to be from one direction can be anyone but has to be someone famous)
2 what color
3 jeans or a skirt or a dress
4 if you chose jeans or a skirt then long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt
5 heels or sneakers

I'll try to make all of them!!!!!
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