A new class you will find in Winter Eternal is the Weird Scientist. They work with sun shards, gears, steam and metal to create and invent. So far the play test of the conversion is going great.
Weird Scientist
Most Weird Scientists live in Wallside. The discovery of sunshards
has them all very excited and small prototypes of different
inventions have begun surfacing. Many Weird Scientists feel that
their work will change and enrich life on Ehlerrac. Many citizens
fear what these “crazy” inventors might mean by that.
Role: Weird Scientists are the occasionally mercurial backbone of the party, offering valuable magical and industrial support.
Hit Die: D6
Class Skills
The Wierd Scientist's class skills are Appraise (Int), Craft (int),
Disable Device (Dex), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Knowledge (Arcana)(Int), Knowledge (Engineering) (Int), Perception (Wis), Spellcraft (int), Use Magic Device (cha)
Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Weird scientists are proficient with
the club, dagger, heavy crossbow and light crossbow. They are
proficient with light armor.
Explosion Resistance (Ex): Wierd Scientists have had to deal with a great many blowings-up to get where they are today. As such, all
Wierd Scientists have a +2 to AC against explosions and a +2 to
reflex against any magical effects which may cause them to be pushed or flung.
Jiggery Pokery (Ex): Wierd Scientists Gain a +2 to all craft checks
and to all disable device checks.
Inventioneer (Su): Inspired by the magics of the divine or arcane,
the Wierd Scientist can create hand-held inventions drawn from any spell list and imbue her devices with magic, although not actually a spellcaster herself.
Create Grenado (Ex): At 2nd level,the Wierd Scientist can create a
grenado (thrown weapon) in her arsenal (Using up an invention for
that day).
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This fantastic Friday brings you DOOM... and Orphans (well, sort of)!

- We are delighted to debut Carl Cramer's maiden project for Legendary Games, the deadly DOOMGUARD hybrid class, combining a cavalier's courage and a ranger's deadly devotion with a curse that leads him on inexorably to his fate - be it glory or despair! Get 20 levels of accursed awesomeness with 45 dooms and 4 archetypes!

- Plus next week will see the launch of our first One-on-One adventure, "Orphans of the Hanged Man" by LG newcomer Michael Allen and veteran Matt Goodall. Check out a full preview in the blog post linked below.

- We have tons of great stuff coming in the next week or two as well that is just about done in layout, including Faerie Mysteries (5E), Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches, Legendary Kineticists II, and many more.

- But this is also the final weekend of our Feburary MEGA-BUNDLE sale at DrivethruRPG and the Open Gaming Store - so get out there and save HUGE with the 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS bundle for Pathfinder and 20 FOR 20 for 5E!!!

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We're in the final 30 hours of the Midgard Kickstarter! Pledge now before it's too late for a new 5e and updated Pathfinder setting. We're a fan of other companies making cool things, so here you go, bask in some amazing RPG goodness. And there are a few more tidbits and updates about Midgard including the Pathfinder Player's Guide Preview.

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Great stock art at an amazing price.
Fantasy Collection - Over 450 Quality Public Domain Images

This collection of Public Domain stock art has been hand-picked and presented in this massive download for you to use in your own products. Now, we didn't just grab some public domain art and toss it together, each image has been adjusted, modified, cleaned, and prepped for your use. You can expect the following;

Images are divided into 7 categories (color illustrations, creatures, environments, figures, graphics, illustrations, items)
All images are 300dpi tiffs
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Hi I'm new to path finder and I'm wondering if there is any openings for a path finder game

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Monday and I'm back with some more info on Winter Eternal. :)
In this setting you will find all the usual fantasy races and some new ones too. Humans and halflings are doing well as always and thriving no matter where they are. The dwarves where affected the least, since mainy live underground anyway. The orc-tainted are tough and great survivors. They are strong and in many cases seen as leaders in the cities.

The elves on the other hand is a race on the brink of decline. The sadness and depression that came with the loss of the sun and their forests, are slowly riving them to madness and rage.

Goblins are also here. They look a bit different than other settings, but are still the busy little monsters you know. Free education and years of living with the other races in the cities are helping to push goblins way past the old ways and they are doing a lot to aid the ciies.

Mekellions are a chameleon race and they find the cold especially difficult Many become mages or merchants to be able to afford living in the Summer Zone, where it is warm. They make good spies.

The last new race are the grayn. They are a competitive, risk taking dog race and was feared as deadly warriors in the days before sun-death. Though the cities have blunted their edge a little, they are still not a race to be messed with.
More to come next time.
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...i think I'm going to like this place. Player for hire

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The third installment in our terrific trilogy of Asian magic supplements for Pathfinder is here - ASIAN BLOODLINES by Jason Nelson, Alex Augunas, and David N. Ross! Check out over 20 new sorcerer and bloodrager bloodlines from imperial dragons to kitsune and tengu!

Of course, you also might want to pick up the companion volumes, the Asian Spell Compendium and Asian Archetypes: Magical (and Asian Archetypes: Martial, for that matter), as well as the rest of our fabulous Far East series!

We were delighted to release the latest Legendary Planet adventure to everyone this past Monday with Confederates of the Shattered Zone, and we are equally pleased to announce that the preceding adventure, Matt Goodall's DEAD VAULT DESCENT, is going to be starting in layout this weekend, getting it ready for Kickstarter backers first but hopefully having it ready for general release in March!

Finally, for Pathfinder and 5E fans alike, do yourselves a favor and grab on to some unthinkably great savings - 80% to 90% and more - on our amazing bundle deals - 60 BOOKS, 30 BUCKS for Pathfinder and 20 FOR 20 for 5E - over 2,000 pages of incredible content for you at a ridiculous price!

Have a Legendary weekend!

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Was wondering if I may make an inquiry form the Hive mind. I need a monster who can cause sentient creatures to go savage, but I don't have my Bestiaries with me at the moment. I can't use any spell-casters or the such so just using a spell doesn't quite cut the mustard. Anyone know of such a monster?
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