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Hi everyone! Sketch is coming soon to iPhone and iPad, but you can try it out today by joining our test program. Just email us at and ask to become an iOS tester. We would love to get your feedback!

I am new

please remove the ad please!

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Best aplication only take much memory.Here some my drawings from Sketch.(my name on sketch Anastasija Trajkovic-animal,AssassinsCreedOriginsOCs
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Add custom stickers (make own stickers)
and if its not too hard, Add buying stickers for like a thing called sketchcoins? and you can sell stickers for sketchcoins to buy more stickers it would be cool

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What is sketch link?If someone know

What about an option of costumise sticers like creating sticers of your own?

If i got a new tablet would i be able to get my sketch account or would i habe to start over again? Ps. Chlp should be in layers and i would like to see a Wisconsin sticker pack or a greenbay sticker pack, it would really feel like home then! :D)

Trash Name UwU keeps stealing Trash gurl's art, this is a big problem!

What bugs were fixed? I hope it was the one that happened to me today
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