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Which would you rather for MiC?
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GUI Shop
Just a murdersmith.

Planning to do a map update at MiC (changing from the little city to the map Suburban that will be named Murder City in the game) and scripts update, I may get help from PatmanSamson or Pat Samson for scripts, meaning that I will do an update named Huge Murder Update.

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R.I.P. MIBT Code Entry on Nexus 5

29 october 2016/18 november 2016

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Check out the MIBT Mobile Testing Video!

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The title is soo long...

Hey there! I've made an update and now we are going to put Twitter codes! Our first one is ' scaregun ' ! Redeem a fake gun to scare other players!

Now, Pat is a moderator, but he won't really do anything...


For now, we can't really accept join requests, but if it is just to know news, we're (me) accepting

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Hello there! We've just maded this community of our studio on Roblox!
French traduction:Bonjour! Nous avons fait cette communité de notre studio sur Roblox!
Website/Site web :
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