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Here's one reason I've created this group. I’m in the planning stage for developing a commercial lightweight, medieval fantasy setting. Think early Greyhawk or Wilderlands/City-State of the Invincible Overlord -- concise and perfect for sandbox-oriented games. What format should it have? I’m thinking it would consist of:

~ 18x24” full color region/world map
~ 18x24” full color map of main city-state
~ 18x24” full color city-state sewer-system/underworld map
~ Free downloadable 2 page setting summary for players (face it, most players don’t read the fluff)
~ Free high-res map images of above, with a zoomable/scrollable Google Maps style view of map online (like this prototype I set up:
~ 3 full color, beautifully illustrated (but lightweight) GM adventure guides to the 1) City-State, 2) World (with Wilderness Adventures), and 3) Sewers/Underworld of the City-State
~ Above adventure guides would come in color PDF, eBook/ePub and color 5.5”x8.5” hardcover book (each volume would be about 70-100 pages, similar to +Zak Smith's Vornheim book (Vornheim runs about 70 pages, B&W I believe)
~ Optionally a tie-in to a mega-dungeon like Barrowmaze or Stonehell
~ Like Vornheim, an any-edition-of-D&D-esque, system neutral format (with possible edition-specific versions with stats)

In general, this would be concise, evocative, adventure-hook-laden material without walls of text, made for the time-swamped GM in mind.

This is planned as part of a bigger project that I’m not ready to announce that just yet. :-)

What are your thoughts? Would would you like to see?

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