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+Laurie Cimorelli +Lisa Cimorelli +Danielle-Nicole Cimorelli +Christina Cimorelli +Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli +Katherine Cimorelli 

All my beautiful amazing ladies! I know times are tough sometimes and sometimes things can get dark... but think positive.
Here are just some examples of what I mean...

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This was an amazing cover, so let's listen to it again...
It also has a very strong message.

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New Cover

#StayStrong   #CimFam  @Christine

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New Video!
Amazing, just watch and listen

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oh my gosh
when i saw this in my notifications, i just burst into tears
i love this song so much and it has a deeper meaning for me.
thank you so much!
i dont even know how to put this into... words!
im crying so much...
+Christina Cimorelli +Katherine Cimorelli @amycimiorelli +Lisa Cimorelli +Lauren Cimorelli +Danielle-Nicole Cimorelli 
btw, since i've been trying to cut back on my computer usage, im a little behind on news. what happened to amy's google+ account?

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Happy late birthday +Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli 
Sorry, I didn't have internet access until now, so I thought, better late than never. So have an extra special birthday!
You are amazing and an overall astounding and talented person!

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New Video guys!

It's absolutely astounding! Time is fleeting!

Just by watching the bloopers, you can tell the sisters are amazing and take care of each other. I wish I had sisters, esp ones like the Cimorelli Sisters.

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oh my gosh! i have the acoustic version when i downloaded the entire hearts on fire album, if you call it that i love this song and i didnt know they'd come out with a music video im so happy right now!!!

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I literally cried when watching this...
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