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This should keep me busy for a while 🤓

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Looking for #amiga music from intros and demos to be featured on the radio. Will reward you for help!

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Dir Me Up 3.70 released for AmigaOS 4.1! Including the possible removal of the volumes panel.

What's new:
- GUI / You can now choose to not display the volumes panel (
- Browsing / List of drawers of the current path available at each level via buttons (
- Browsing / The current "path" button is displayed in bold.
- Browsing / If you click on a "path" button, the following buttons are no longer removed.
- Icon view / The name of the drawers is now displayed in bold (as in the list view).
- List view / Sorting no longer works since version 3.60: fixed.
- Search / When files that no longer exist are removed automatically, a notification is now used (rather than an error window).
- Search / When files that no longer exist were removed automatically, a runtime error could occur: fixed.
- List of columns / The window did not take into account the "fade window" preference: fixed.
- Prefs / The "Miscellaneous" tab was reworked and the "Volumes panel" checkmark added.
- Date selector / shortcuts added for buttons.
- Internal viewer / An AISS icon (if theme selected) is now used for the "Exit" button.
- Localization / German translations added.
- ...

Dir Me Up, improve your Amiga !

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Coming back from the NASS 2017, an Amiga-friendly show!

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The Amigos - Everything Amiga Podcast boys are back! This time, we take a look a the Star Wars Trilogy on the Amiga! Three classic coin-op conversions, three looks and comparisons! Join us for a nostalgic journey back to growing up Star Wars!

Amiga City radio is off to a fine start, and I am all ready to make another offer. Every hour or so a station identification plays and you can have a promo for your Amiga related website for free! Just make a MP3 file of preferably less than 60 seconds or you can send me the script and I will make it for you. Looking forward to working with you! 🕹

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Yet another post - There is now a music download area at Amiga City. You can stream the titles or download them (if you are registered). Take a look at

Would you be interested in a shoutcast of Amiga game and intro music? Thinking of setting one up...

Have news in the hardware/emulation camps coming soon - just teasing about it for now 😂

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Dir Me Up 3.60 released for AmigaOS 4.1! Including LZX, zip, 7-Zip archiving.

What's new:
- Archiving can now be done also in lzx, zip and 7-Zip (use of third party software).
- Archiving / The archive is selected after processing.
- Archiving / The archiving of an empty directory did not work: fixed.
- All selected volumes now saved, whatever their type (volumes, bookmarks, searches, ...).
- Running / Script detection improved (use of .info if available).
- Duplication / The files created are selected after processing (previously, the files to be duplicated).
- Search - Preview / Creation, refresh dates and duration added.
- Bookmarks - Preview / Full bookmark name added.
- Prefs / If a third party software is not correct, the associated zone is reversed video.
- Prefs - "Third-party software" tab / Vertical alignment of software labels.
- Prefs / Lzx extension added as an archive.
- [Amiga]+[Delete] key shortcut added to remove the selected search (if another view is selected, this resets the filter/search area as before).
- Keyboard shortcuts added to confirm/cancel (in addition to the [Enter] and [Esc] keys).
- Localization / Italian and Spanish translations added and improved.
- ...

Dir Me Up, improve your Amiga !

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