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Ask me anything me mates!

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Ask me anything~ <3

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ask me anything darlings

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Let's grow this community even more!

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Holy shit guys, if this is legit, Five Nights is getting a Movie!!

Ok so here are the Asks.

Goldina: Me
Springy: Me
Freddy: +The Collector
Chica: +Crystal Morgan
Foxy: +Foxy Blizzard
Toy Freddy:
Toy Chica:
Toy Bonnie:
Mangle: +Jade the pirate fox
Spring Trap: +Joey the Animatronic Jackal
Marionette: +The Marionette
BB: +Balloon Boy
Withered Foxy: +Foxy the Pirate
Withered Freddy:
Withered Bonnie:
Withered Chica:
Golden Freddy:
Jeremy: +The Raincoat Killer
Phone Guy:
Vincent: +Vincent Drake Folder

If you are an Ask you become a Mod.

18 members

We are slowly rising in numbers, please continue this by sharing this community with your friends!!

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Ask me anything.

A solid way to make this community even more awesome, is to spread the word about it.

If you please share this with your friends and followers, it would be greatly appreciated.

The more, the merrier.
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