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Name: Izaya
Age: why should i tell you cowereds
Height: how should i know
Boo-chan: +Max ™
Baka: +Yuu Kagusake
One-chans: +Roe The killer demon and daughter of Zalgo +kyu -koken
Best friend: +Colorfulworld
Father: Zalgo
Mother: shes dead
Dauther : +Raven Lich
Eye color: Red
Hair color: black
Species: Demon
Blood type: human blood with a mixture of demon blood
Favorite thing to do:Own the streets like a boss
Quotes: " Just because i like humans doesn't mean i like YOU personally
Theme song: i like it loud nightcore ver
Dislikes: being ignored and people calling me Cake
Likes: cats , killing , anime, manga, humans,drawing
Demon wing: bloody
Favorite thing to do: being lazy as heck
Clothes ,jacket ,skirt, boots
Hair style: down straight long

Can I post a community?

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It's pretty inactive as of now, but would like it if people are on it and stuff. ^_^
Anything Roleplay
Anything Roleplay

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"Ooh this knife would look so good in you~"

"eww look at all this blood~"


doesn't have recorded age but seems to look around 10 due to a curse

has the ability to get through small spaces and is able to hide in any various places to avoid any thing or body and knows multiple murder methods

has no special powers

uses anything around


cruel, emotional, and cries a lot when It comes to pain

a curse brought upon the world

murder, torture, candy, Ice cream, videogames

animals, nice people, crying

doesn't care about anyone bit gets sad when they talk about him

he was the aftermath if a curse being brought to the world by the sorrow of people. He hates everyone accept who is devilish just like him. He took the form of a 10 Year old male child when the course settled on the world. Yet no one knows about his devious plans to torture, kidnap or murder anybody under the disguise of a young sweet boy

(My first profile <3 I hope it's ok...)

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//Closed. +Angel Of Darkness​ if necessary, your servant can pitch in.
It wasn't until late in the afternoon when Thanatos finished sparring with some training ghouls in the courtyard of his castle. The ghouls were raised with heightened senses and strength, so as to not be fodder for his blade. Nevertheless, they were cut down and dispatched back to the Underworld.
The castle protruded from the base of the Alps in Switzerland and was looked on by the mortals as private land and anytime one ventured too close to the gate, that was nearly a mile out from the castle, he or she would suddenly want to go home and sleep and forget they ever tried to go near it.
Light snow peppered the sky as Thanatos sheathed his blade and tossed it to a nearby manservant. He had a few enlightened mortal servants that tended to him. They were individuals whom he had saved from their time in the afterlife and had accepted service to him in payment. The servant followed him inside.
Pushing open the large double doors to the entrance hall, Thanatos unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt and took a seat, fanning himself with a newspaper. Another mortal escapee, Thanatos's 'butler', for lack of a better term, brought a tray with a damp towel and a wash cloth. "You said you were expecting some one, my Lord?"
Thanatos nodded while padding his forehead with the towel. "I am, why?"
The butler accepted the towel back from Thanatos and exchanged the wash cloth for it. "Someone is approaching here."
Thanatos rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands and forearms with the cloth, then set it aside on the butlers extended arm. "Good, bring them to the parlor, I will meet them there."
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Quote: I was chose to be the hero of this world
Name> Irina izebreck
<Age> 18
<Abilities> she can make illusions of nightmares
Blood manipulation
Voodoo doll
<Weapons> a blood sword and a gun
<Sexuality> straight idk
<Personality she is kind and friendly but in her Job she is cold and insensitive
And Sarcastic and crazy
<Species> voodoo humans
<Basic bio> she is a turned to professional assassin By the fact she is a human voodoo doll .All started when her mother and father were killed by a cop since that day she said that she would clean the world and that's was when she got her powers
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Name: No name

Alias: Crocomorph

Age: Unknown

Height: 6 meters when on all fours. 14 meters when standing up.

Length: 30 meters long

Family: None

Race: Genetically spawned killer croc xenomorph.

Powers: Super strength, super speed, able to see very well (despite having no eyes), pheromone detection, and acidic.

Personality: Cruel, savage, and very blood thirsty. Will toy around for a way to taunt.

Power scaling: At least multi city buster, at least near mountain buster.

Durability: At least state busting attacks.

Bio: That is classified as of now, bio shall be added throughout development.

Irina was at the coffee shop. Buying a coffee And she sits down on table and start writing about her plans in list form
kill kids to that woman
2 Kidnap sam one
3 free time
4 kill a random person

when She see random girl and gets up and Grabs bit of the girl hair and she stabs her self and girl feels being stabbed in her place and she dyes when..
((Open rp))

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Name: William Alexander Czar
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Angel of Time and Life/Demon of Fire and Destruction
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single, Recently Divorced
Appearance: Pic below
Weapons: Two Short Swords
Abilities: Healing, Resurrection, Life Drain, Light Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, Runes of Destruction, Runes of Power Manipulation
Likes: Military Strategy, Military Armaments, History, Science
Dislikes: Mistreatment of women, Slavery, Racism, Cowardice.
Personality: Kind, Intelligent, Gentleman-like, Protective, Caring
Bio: William is the Angel of Time and Life as well as the Demon of Fire and Destruction, despite his demonic side, he manages to keep his mind set on generally the common good, however, no matter what side of himself is currently present, he always puts his family first.
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Name: Thanatos, god of Death.
Age: As old as need be.
Abilities: Power over the hosts of the dead. Is fueled by ancient magic from the beginning of time.
Weapons: Ancient Stygian steel sword.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Smooth, calm, contemplative. Contrary to popular belief.
Species: N/A~appears human when in mortal form.
Basic Bio: Thanatos was born of darkness and chaos, and has been empowered by the powers of old, to hold charge over death itself and act as caretaker of the dead on their journey to the afterlife.
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