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C'mon guys, we all know who Jaune's dad really is.

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At last we have our release date.

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RWBY Volume 4 Official Character Redesigns

Looks like they've grown a bit, no?
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Do you think Grimm tamers will become a thing,like 2-3 characters manipulating Grimms?

And if you do humanoid, Grimms and the 4 Maidens alone should be the ones doing it or other characters too?

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Mercury Black Respect Thread

-This hipster douchbag smartass is the best character in RWBY and you can't convince me otherwise- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mercury Black was born in seclusion with his father outside of the protection of the kingdoms against the Grimm. Mercury's father, Marcus Black, was one of Remnant's most prestigious assassins, garnering the attention of even Cinder Fall herself, someone capable of going toe to toe with the likes of the telekinetic and master Huntress Glynda Goodwitch. On the day that Cinder recruited Mercury, he burned down his home and fought his father, ultimately killing Marcus, all while Being injured from his recent leg transplant.

Mercury's weapon's are actually his legs themselves, which double as high-powered Wind Dust shotguns. Mercury has the ability the ability to control and manipulate the trajectory of these Dust blast, as well as fire dozens of them in mere seconds:

And if needed, he can amp up their power:

Mercury is skilled enough to beat down two of Beacon Academy's best students single-handedly, all while holding back:

Mercury was able to stop Yatsuhashi's earth shattering blow with his legs, and with the utmost ease:

But how powerful is that? Well, time to do some calculations.

I scaled Mercury to the crater itself to get 67'6 feet in length.

As you can see, stone has an average Mpa of 34.3, or 319.808 per square foot. Now, all there is to it is multiplying by it's radius

But, it was a crater, and this was linear calculation. So, we must calculate it's area:

A = Pi × Radius × Radius

D = 67ft
R = 33ft
Pi × R × R = 3,419.46ft
3,419.46 × 319.808 = 1,093,570.66 tons of force

Just to give you some introspect into that, most skyscrapers weigh about 220,00 tons. Mercury blocked that while holding back. This can be considered both a durability and DC feat.

Mercury's speed is just as impressive, as he was able to dodge lightning multiple times:

Lightning moves at an average speed of 224,000 mph, or mach 315.29164. Emerald and Mercury dodged lightning that came from Ambers hand, so it was far closer than air to ground. How close though? Well, I'm about to tell you.

We can scale to Mercury's height, which is 5'10. The length of the blue line(which represents the distance between Mercury and Amber) is about three times longer than the black one(which represents the height of Mercury), so the distance between them is about 17'6 feet, or 5.83 yards. Lightning can travel that distance in about 1/10th of a microsecond, or 1/10,000,000th of a second. So, in other words, they were able to dodge lightning in less than a microsecond, so they have speeds easily comparable to lightning, if not possibly faster.

And before you start your arguments, here are a few pre-made rebuttals.

1."Dust lightning doesn't move as fast as normal lightning."

A) It wasn't dust lightning, it came naturally from the sky.

B) And even if it was Dust lightning, it would still be just as fast.
It is stated to be imbued with the powers of nature.
It is even stated by the wikia to be called "Natures Wrath".

C) "How do you know the wikia is accurate?"

Becuase all the wikis prior to 2015 were made by Monty himself.

2. "They could have aim dodged the lightning."

A) They could have, but they didn't.

They only move after the lightning was fired by Amber.

Mercury's durability is just as impressive is not greater than his previous feats, seeing he was able to take a punch from a semblance boosted Yang even after his aura was depleted:

Well, how powerful is punch from Yang you ask? Well, more calculations!

Yang can create a shockwave with her punch that's capable of shattering around twenty feet of igneous rock, or basically granite. Whelp, time to calculate.

Granite has an Mpa capacity of about 200(2,088 tons) per square foot. So, first we multiply the distance, which we are assuming is twenty feet(which is lowballing quite frankly):

2,088x20=41,760 tons of force

But it also didn't go just two directions, it had a radius effect. To make it simpler, we'll just use eight directions.


And this was only base Yang, without her semblance boosted strength, which she used to punch Mercury without any aura.

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I'm calling it now, Mercury's Semblance is aerokinesis.
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Rank the top 10 teams in RWBY based on strength. I want to see what everyone's lists are.

+GB +Fervans Princess +WolfDesertIBrA +victor varela +Darksteelgamma +BlueScare45 +Bacchus8699 +Ethan 3 Tears™ +Max Bonevich 

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Alternate universe where Jaune died and Pyrrha couldn't handle the guilt so she assumed his identity.
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