Hello Dr Hyman.
I have Diabetes 2. Now I'm taking metformin 850 ( 3 a day) plus 100 mg Janubia. I diet and exercise and my levels are still high, I started victoza 3 days ago and I felt soo bad ( I don't want to use Victoza). I weight 130 lbs and I am 5' 3'' and I'm loosing weigth faster now because I don't know what can I eat.

Can I start the 10 days Detox program? Do I need to take the suplements reccomended for the 10 days besides my medicine?
Thank you for your help.


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I was told I have 90% chance of having Crohn's. I still need to do colonoscopy to get final result. Where can I contact a functional medicine doctor in the Boston area to treat me?

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Wish I've found you a long time ago, maybe, just maybe my Mighty Warrior may have overcome her symptoms and survived Crohn's....I do miss her so much.....

I want to know your take on AIDS do you think that nutrition can cure it?

I am so happy to find a website dedicated to improving quality of life.
Thanks so much!p
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