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RR Nougat FAQ (Updated)

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about RR Nougat. With time, more things will be added to ensure that it stays up-to-date with the most relevant questions and information.

Users - If you post a question in the community that is already answered in this FAQ, you will be directed to this FAQ and your post will be removed to avoid cluttering up the community.

Also, please make sure to read the RR Posting Rules:

General ROM Questions

1. How can I theme RR 'N'? Where is CMTE?
A: Developers of Cyanogen Mod are still working on CMTE for Nougat. RR has no control over this, and we are just as eager to have it as you are. For now, you can download and use Substratum (Legacy) to theme RR. However, some themes can cause bootloops if you install the Android System overlay. If you decide to use Substratum, you are doing this at your own risk! Please read the pinned post in the Substratum community for more information.

2. When will RR 'N' be available for my device?
A: If your device has a maintainer, it will be available when he/she decides to build it. Please don't ask for ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) or about updates here.

3. Where can I find RR downloads for my device?
A: Official builds: ** This is currently down because we reached our bandwidth limit. Please use the mirror link instead. **
Unofficial builds: Can be found on, OR on XDA in the RR thread for your device.
- Note: If you cannot find RR for your device using the above suggestions, then RR is most likely not available for your device.

4. Can you please make RR for my device? (device request)
A: Developers of RR cannot build RR for your device unless one of them owns that device. If RR developers obtain your device through donation or by purchasing it themselves, then they will probably build it for your device (as long as there is already a CM build for that device). Please do not make device requests.

5. Can I dirty flash RR?
A: Sometimes, yes. However, a clean flash is always recommended, because dirty flashing can cause bugs. If you dirty flash RR to your device and experience any bugs, please do not report them here. RR developers will not help you until you do a clean flash and reproduce the bug.

6. How can I update RR without losing apps and data?
A: By performing a dirty flash. In TWRP, go to "Advanced Wipe", and wipe only dalvik, system, and cache. Then install ROM and Gapps. (However, please read question #5).

7. Why is OTA not working? (E.g. “Cant' check update”)
A: Not all builds of RR have OTA enabled because it can only be enabled by your maintainer (the person who builds RR for your device). If you are using a build that does not have a working OTA, contact your maintainer on XDA in the RR thread for your device, and request that they take a look at .

8. Which kernel is best for this rom?
A: The RR stock kernel. You can go ahead and install a custom kernel to your device, however if you experience any bugs while using a custom kernel, RR developers will not help you until you revert back to the stock kernel and re-produce the bug.

9. Which Gapps should I use?
A: Open Gapps or Dynamic Gapps. For Open Gapps, the package you choose depends on how many of the Google apps you want included in your ROM. Please see the Open Gapps website for a description of each package.

10. How can I find who my maintainer is, and where can I contact them?
A: Go to Settings --> Configurations --> About Resurrection --> Devices and Maintainers. However, please contact your maintainer on XDA in the RR thread for your device, NOT through G+.

Feature Questions

11. Where is ________ feature?
A. RR Nougat is still in early development/testing, and many features that were on Marshmallow haven't been re-added to Nougat yet. Be patient, more features will be added as time goes by.

12. Where can I turn on/off the battery charging light and notification light?
A: Go to Settings --> Notifications --> Then press the settings 'gear' symbol in the top right corner of your screen. You will then see options for battery and notification lights.

13. How can I use split-screen/multi-window?
A: Open the Recents menu, then long-press on a window and drag it to the top of the screen. You can also use the Smartbar settings to assign the Recents button to open split-screen by long-pressing or double-tapping.

14. What is the purpose of the Caffeine tile?
A: The Caffeine tile is similar to the Timeout tile, but the Caffeine tile will only extend your screen timeout 'temporarily'. Once the time on the Caffeine tile runs out, it turns off and reverts back to your 'original' screen timeout. The caffeine tile can also be set to 'infinite'.

15. Why is DT2W not working?
A: Not all devices have this feature, so RR does not include it in the main RR rom/kernel. It is a feature that must be added to your device's kernel. If you know that your device is compatible with DT2W, then contact your maintainer on XDA to ask them if they can include it in the kernel. Some 'custom' kernels also have this feature, so you may need to use a custom kernel. However, please read question #8 above.

16. Can I use Xposed / is Xposed compatible with RR?
A: Xposed for Nougat is not available yet. But even if it was, RR does not officially support Xposed. So please do not ask Xposed related questions here.

17. Why can't I add the bottom QS tiles to my QS panel?
A: This seems to be a bug in all Nougat roms. To add the tiles, set the number of columns in your QS panel to a higher number, add the tiles you want, then restore the number of columns back to how you want it.
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Christophe Tosello

Wallpapers │ Resurrection Remix  - 
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afsha norsham

My home screen setup  - 
My home screen today! With new wall,3 color variants.
Icon ninja camouflage.
Widget,Fox for zooper.
Chris Schutte's profile photoafsha norsham's profile photo
+Chris Schutte yeah me too😁
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arturo morales quintana

Discussion │ Issues  - 
HELP!! Hardbrick in my zuk z2 :(
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Parth V Square

User screen shots  - 
What do you think?

Let me know

Walls in

Don't forget to follow it
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Nitinkumar Kakulde

Wallpapers │ Resurrection Remix  - 
Guys..I had installed RR 7.1.1 Nougat on yu yuphoria 5010A model. It was working superb. It got crash after some day. I did some process to reinstall and phone got bricked. Not showing fastboot and recovery option even. I went to service station but they said physical damage.
Phone is switching on when press power button but it just shows battery icon and stuck up.

Please let me know 100% unbrick for yu yuphoria 5010A model.
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Saif Alla

Questions  - 
i just wonder will you release resurrection remix for SM-N900 (ha_3g) ?
last version is ( Resurrection-Remix-LP-v5.5.9-20151121-ha3g )
and it's too old :\
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If your device still has a maintainer, then he will release a build when he can. If that is seriously the last build for your device then you probably don't have a maintainer anymore.
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Rim Knox

Wallpapers │ Resurrection Remix  - 
#GetResurrected ✌️
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Questions  - one will help me? My previous post asked for help and I was completely ignored.

It was this.


I am currently having a problem with calling on resurrection remix 7.1.1 Samsung S5 klte. It will most of the time not deliver calls as in it doesn't start ringing it immediately says "Call Ended". This also effects others as they have said it goes straight to voicemail upon dialing. The only temporary fix I have is to reboot my phone, but I don't want to have to keep doing that. Any help?
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+Matt Thomas well i just never had this issue until recently
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Nurlan Imanlı

Questions  - 
Hello guys. First and foremost I want to thank you for this great ROM. I know you just recently went stable, but there issues with Galaxy Note 3 version of the Android 7.1.1 ROM. You see every time I move the brightness slider it doesn't actually change the brightness it stays at 100%.Even though the changelog mentions that it has been fixed. I rebooted the phone couple of times but nothing changes. So please solve this issue. 
Si Holden (Rabbit48)'s profile photo
Have you unchecked adaptive brightness?
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Rafal Iwanczuk

Questions  - 
I recently installed RR (Nougat) on my Note 4, however the default Music app keeps crashing without even using it. I wanted to uninstall it, I went into settings and I looked at the "uninstall system apps" section. I uninstalled "Music2" but the app is still in the drawer, so I guess that was the wrong one. Do you have any idea about what should I uninstall to get rid of the music app? Thanks in advance
Altan KRK (Westcrip)'s profile photo
Which app crashing ? Eleven music ?
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About this community

About Resurrection Remix Since 01 • January 2012 Resurrection Remix ROM is ultimately full featured , stable and combined with the best features of open source roms .we are also providing lot of awesome original Resurrection Remix ROM add-on s in the builds. includes best of performance, customization, power and the newest features on your device! It is one of the most customizable ROMs out-of-the-box! RR Nougat FAQ: Full RR Posting Rules: Here are some basic rules you guys need to know before posting issues: 1-) DO NOT report issues if you didn't do full wipe 2-) If you have issues then please mention your model number and variant and also if youve flashed any additional mods 3-) Provide logcats if you have any FCs or bootloops 4-) DO NOT report issues if you flash custom kernel 5-) Do NOT post information and features and comparison of other ROMS 6) Flash GAPPS after every release to avoid issues with Google apps FCs 7-) Preferably post your issues in your device xda threads so your device maintainer can look at it 8-) DO NOT ask for ETA 9-) Please specify your device name on your posts  10 -) Please check XDA threads for changelogs 11-) Last and final, please check XDA threads as per your device so you can see if your issues are experienced by anyone there. If you find a solution there, do not post here again but go through your device threads first! Any issue that has been repeated in the thread and posted here again will be ignored and the person will be banned. Rules for Maintainers 1) All current official maintainers , please do NOT modify the main frameworks base source or settings or any other repo . keep your device trees inline with cm .those who don't will be discarded as official and their builds will straight away be made unofficial without notice. 2) Current /future maintainers ,again please *DO NOT SPAM* github like the screenshot below. You will be removed . 3) Please do NOT add your own apks, or whatever bloat you want to put in the ROM on unofficial builds 4)Please don't merge unnecessary pull requests on github . it breaks things. If you have tested it well for a number of days only then make it . 5)All current/future maintainers will be reviewed by a reviewer .He will decide whether your builds are OK to be called official of not . if he decides to tell me that your build is no good , your builds will be discarded as official PLEASE provide logs if you have any sort of issues. Enjoy and share!

Akhil Narang

Information  - 
01/21 Release

Full Dynamic:

Mini Dynamic:

*removal of generic hotword enrollment apk

For notifications join the telegram channel:

For more detailed information and to contribute view the source @
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Israel Trejos

Discussion │ Issues  - 
How can I disable this kind of lockscreen?? RR 5.8.0 20170121 on Oneplus 3T!!!!!
Sid Raskar's profile photoDavor Bertovic's profile photo
+Sid Raskar
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chloe wilson

Questions  - 
so is maintaning done for lg g3 d850?? we havent had a new build scense 12/17 
Joe Ali's profile photo
Joe Ali
F400, same last build date
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Yash Gumaste

Discussion │ Issues  - 
May I get download link for latest RR Marshmallow of Titan
Yash Gumaste's profile photogreg godson's profile photo
Google it no support for Xposed here as well and there's a a working Xposed for 7.1 now but you gotta look and read +JJ​
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User screen shots  - 
Increased dankness of ROM ✅
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Got remixed😂doesnt make sense
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Riski Meiser

Wallpapers │ Resurrection Remix  - 
OnePlus X RR M 5.7.4 
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Questions  - 
Hola chicos, para quien tenga la rr en moto x play, tengo unas dudas, funciona xposed en 7.1.1 ?, Otra, no veo que se active turbo carga en mi x play, por ahora es eso solamente, si me surge otra duda lo publicó aquí , gracias de antemano 😋🤗
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...Tampoco consigo conectar a 4g o LTE , esto es correcto o tengo algún fallo en mi dispositivo ??
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iranildo dantas

My home screen setup  - 
Minha tela
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