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İmportant announcement & some good news

So a few days back we came to an important decision , and we went ahead and decided to merge Full OMS Support.

Yes many users will be happy , some will be upset but honestly it has been too long waiting for Lineage Theme Engine .

Anyhow the manifests will be updated soon and maintainers can push oms builds as official .

Thank you for being patient with us.
Now You can enjoy full OMS supported themes and themers can now officially support our ROM .

PS: users please wait for your maintainers to upload your builds

If coming from a 5.8.0 build , please clean flash .You will run into issues with dirty flashes and help will not be provided in that scenario
Read before posting

Thank you for understanding

Happy flashing..

RR Team

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Well there it's is. Now everyone can stop asking about it.

#DatPixelAnimation 😎
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Anyone that builds ROM use ccache for a faster build process?

I do not know if I can post this, but version 5.8.2 of Resurrection Remix for Titan XT1069, will it take? Sorry if it's forbidden

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My device Samsung sII GT-I9100😎🤗😚😍
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Samsung Note 2 (N7100) RR 5.8.2
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Why my phone is slow charging? At stock 5.0.2 i have really fast charge speed (Like 1600 ma) Is tere any solution? 

how to eneble double tap to wake config on rr remix please help me im forgot

Hi all, I recently clean-flashed RR-N-v5.8.1-20170205-trltexx-Official on a Note4 (SM-910F) and am having one problem with calls made and received. Although the calls connect properly, there is no volume in either direction. If I use a 3rd-party app like Burner, I can send and receive calls fine. Is anyone else having this problem with this ROM? All other functions are working great. As always, any info or help is much appreciated. Thanks all!


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Lg g2 d802 RR 7.1.1 thank you. The only think that i have notice is that my device is little warm when i use it has someone else something similar?
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