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RR 'Oreo' FAQ (Updated 06-02-2018)

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about RR Oreo. More questions and answers will be added over time.

Users - If you post a question in the community that is already answered in this FAQ, you will be directed to this FAQ and your post will be removed to avoid cluttering up the community.

Also, please make sure to read these:

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General ROM Questions

1. When will RR Oreo be available for my device? / Where is RR Oreo for my device?

A: PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR ETAs OR WHERE YOUR UPDATE IS. It will be ready when it's ready. If you ask for an ETA we will remove your post and you will receive a warning.

2. Will RR Oreo be available for my device? / Is RR Oreo coming to my device?

A: This is just like asking for an ETA. The answer: WE DON'T KNOW. The only way it will come to your device is if someone on the team has your device or if someone with that device decides to build RR. Please don't ask these questions. If you do, we will remove your post from the community.

3. Where can I find RR Oreo downloads for my device?

A: Official builds: Can usually be found at or on XDA in the RR thread for your device.
Unofficial builds: Can usually be found at (search your device codename), or on XDA in the RR thread for your device.

- Note: If you cannot find RR Oreo for your device using the above suggestions, then RR Oreo is most likely not available for your device.

4. Can you please make RR Oreo for my device? (device request)

A: We cannot build RR Oreo for your device unless someone on the team owns that device. If someone on the team obtains your device through donation or by purchasing it themselves, then they will probably build it for your device (as long as there's a LineageOS build for that device already). Please do not make device requests.

5. Why don't I have root after installing the ROM?

A: For RR Oreo we decided to make the builds rootless by default. If you want root, flash the latest Magisk or SuperSU zip for your device.

6. How can I theme RR Oreo?

A: RR now has OMS so you can theme your device/apps using Substratum. For now you will need to be rooted, or if you want to be un-rooted then you can purchase and install the Andromeda add-on app. Please see the Substratum community for details on how to use Substratum.

7. If I want to upgrade from RR Nougat to RR Oreo, do I have to wipe data?

A: Yes. You must do a full wipe/clean flash if you are upgrading from Nougat to Oreo.

8. Can I dirty flash RR?

A: Sometimes, yes. However, a clean flash (FULL wipe) is always recommended, because dirty flashing can cause bugs. Also make sure to disable any themes before dirty flashing, as that can sometimes cause further issues. If you dirty flash RR to your device and experience any bugs, please do not report them here. RR developers will not help you until you do a clean flash and reproduce the bug.

9. How can I update RR without losing apps and data?

A: By performing a dirty flash. In TWRP, go to "Advanced Wipe", and wipe only dalvik and cache. Then install the ROM and Gapps. (However, please read question #8)

10. Do I need to reinstall Gapps if I do a dirty flash?

A: Not always, but we recommend doing it anyway. It's best to flash the latest Gapps update whenever you do a dirty flash or a clean flash. And as stated in question #6 above, it's also best to disable any themes before dirty flashing, as that can cause further issues.

11. Which Gapps should I use?

A: Open Gapps 8.1. There are other gapps packages you can probably use, but we recommend these to avoid any issues. You can find them here:

12. Why am I getting "Error 7" when I try to flash the ROM?

A: This is most likely because you need to update the firmware for your device. See your device's XDA subforum to find the latest firmware for your device. It can also be because you are on an older build of TWRP, so make sure you are updated to the latest TWRP for your device.

13. Why is OTA not working (i.e. "Can't check update")?

A: OTA needs to be implemented by your maintainer. If it's not working for you, then contact your maintainer on XDA.

14. Which kernel is best for this rom?

A: The RR stock kernel. You can go ahead and install a custom kernel to your device, however if you experience any bugs while using a custom kernel, RR developers will not help you until you revert back to the stock kernel and re-produce the bug.

15. How can I find who my maintainer is, and where can I contact them?

A: We are currently still taking applications for device maintainership for RR Oreo. If there is still no RR Oreo build for your device, then we don't know who you maintainer is. If you do have an RR Oreo build for your device, then the best place to find your maintainer right now is in the RR thread for your device on XDA. Who ever started the thread should be your maintainer. You can contact them there on XDA.

16. If I make unofficial builds for RR, how can I make them official?

A: You can do this by making a pull request on github in the settings app. RR developers will then review your builds and will decide if they're good enough for official status.

17. I have an OP5/5T and I'm having trouble installing the ROM. What should I do?

A: Make sure you are using the latest TWRP by codeworx, and that you have flashed the latest firmware for your device. If you are unencrypted, you will also have to wipe your internet storage/format data, or you can flash the no_verity zip, which can be found on XDA.

18. On Redmi Note 4 (mido), when I try to flash Magisk it shows error 1. How can I fix this?

A: Mido has Project Treble support, so you need to install the treble-supported TWRP first. Then do a clean flash of the ROM and gapps, followed by the treble-supported Magisk zip. Both can be found here on the first page/first post:

Feature Questions

19. Why does RR Oreo not have the _________ feature?

A: RR Oreo is still in its early stages, so some features that were on Nougat or that are on other roms haven't been added yet. Be patient, more features will be added as time goes by. But know that some features may never be added.

20. Where can I locate the __________ feature?

A: When asking us where a certain feature is located, make sure you tell us which Configurations layout you are using (Tabs, Classic, or Bottom Navigation). The Bottom Navigation layout is different from the others, so we need to know if you're using it or not so that we can direct you properly.

21. Why don't I have the Face Unlock feature? How can I get it and activate it?

A: For Face Unlock you must flash the Nano gapps package or anything above that. Also make sure you set lockscreen security (pattern/pin/password), then go to the Smart Lock settings.

22. How do I enable automatic face unlock on the keyguard?

A: Go to Settings --> Configurations --> Lockscreen --> Security. You will then see Face Auto Unlock.

23. Why is DT2W not working?

A: Not all devices have this feature, so RR does not include it in the main RR rom/kernel. It is a feature that must be added to your device's kernel. If you know that your device is compatible with DT2W, then contact your maintainer on XDA to ask if they can include it in the kernel. Some 'custom' kernels also have this feature, so you may need to use a custom kernel. However, please read question #12 above.

24. Where can I turn on/off the battery charging light and notification light?

A: Go to Settings --> Apps and Notifications --> Notifications. You will then see options for battery and notification lights.

25. How can I add Google Assistant to this rom?

A: Newer builds of RR come with Google Assistant pre-installed. Just make sure you've installed Open Gapps Nano or higher.

26. How can I use split-screen/multi-window?

A: Open the Recents menu, then long-press on a window and drag it to the top of the screen. You can also use the Smartbar settings to assign the Recents button to open split-screen by long-pressing or double-tapping.

27. What is the purpose of the Caffeine tile?

A: The Caffeine tile will extend your screen timeout temporarily. Once the time on the Caffeine tile runs out, it turns off and reverts back to your 'original' screen timeout. It can also be set to 'infinite' so that your screen doesn't turn off until you turn off the tile or turn off your screen.

28. Can I use Xposed / is Xposed compatible with RR?

A: Maybe, but RR does not officially support Xposed, so please do not ask Xposed related questions here. If you do, we'll remove your post. Take your questions about Xposed to the Xposed community.

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