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Sutcliff Manor
Amaya Sutcliff (Head of manor)- Mayumi Shika
Morgan- +Grell Sutcliff
Diana Clockwork- +Eimear McKevitt

Phantomhive Manor

Trancy Manor
Anter Trancy (Head of manor)- +Zettubi Game Over
Adrian Louisa Yamada- +Adrenaline Skater the Killjoy

Grim Reaper Dispatch
Adan Wing-

Other Demons

Other Angels

Other Humans

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Name: Lola Harper
Age: Unknown
Species: half angel half demon
Likes: Sweets,rain,being with friends
Dislikes: Bugs,dogs,frogs,thunder
Personality: Shy at first,can get a bit sassy at times.
Bio: Her parents were not allowed to be together.But they were strong and got together.After a few years,they had a girl named Lola,not getting to spend time with their child,the parents were killed and Lola was taken away.She was left in a dirty basket at someones door,but they rejected her and left her outside the whole night.A woman was kind enough to pick her up and raise her on her own.The woman owned a far full of animals,and by the time Lola was six,she would attack and kill any animal she spots when she got hungry.The woman talked to her about it,and Lola agreed to stop.But the older she got,she wouldn't listen and still attacked the animals.Lola decided to leave the farm and set out on her own.While she was walking,she was attacked by mulitple dogs,and was too scared to fight back. She has cynophobia,which was fear of dogs.
   Left alone on the ground,she later was taken to a small camp that cleaned her wounds and gave her new clothes.She stayed for a while,but ran away because she didn't want to hurt anyone.Tired and hungry,she found a big mansion.Knocking on the door,was her way to a new home.
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Hey, forgot to say a thing. If you're a canon character, you MUST be active or else you cannot continue to be that canon character. Thanks.

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This is no joke.
The people saying it's fake
Are liers its true

i am a butler 2 die 4
hella awesome
i guess the sutcliff manor

Grell Sutcliff here to serve our manor well. I promise the best service!

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Ok so here's my character(the redhead)
Name: Anter Trancy
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Bio: I am the twin sister of Alois. Though we are siblings, he was born human and me a demon. I don't know why that is. When we were little, we got separated. I don't know what happened to him after that. But a man with the last name Phantomhive called on me. But he told me to leave soon after. He was tall and had a child. He had blue eyes that rivaled that of my brother's. anyway, I only had a short time with him before he died. But for some reason, that butler of his hasn't returned. Oh well, didn't know him all that well.
Likes: Torture, destruction, power, winning, etc.
Dislikes: Sweetness, sincerity, weakness, losing
Personality: Depends on mood
Job: head of Trancy household
Butler name: Roger

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Name: Amaya Sutcliff
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Species: Reaper
Bio: Almost always casting a shadow over her older brother Grell, Amaya has always been the more successful of the two. She eventually rose to a management position in the reapers and had enough time to establish her own manor. She takes care to hire outcasts of regular society and/or demonic society. Once in a while, she hires an angel without knowing it. Her scythe is the weapon pictured below, and she always wears her tiara, even though she isn't royalty. She never says who she got it from.
Appearance: See picture below
Likes: Sebastian; ravens; beating Grell in battle; horses
Dislikes: All of the Trancy manor, especially Alois and Claude; eel; rats
Personality: Sadistic; mischievous; irritable; light-hearted; easy to amuse
Job: Head of Sutcliff manor
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