Name: Harley Hensley

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Profile Picture

Occupation: She owns her a bookstore but she's going to school to be a doctor.

Love Interest: Gregory House

Relationship With Love Interest: They're sort of friends. They hook up every night since she lives with him. She likes him but she really doesn't want a relationship with him. She ends up being one of his patients.

Birthplace: Cologne, Germany

Personality: She is extremely sweet. She is pretty much the opposite of House. She is quiet and awkward sometimes but very seductive whenever she is alone with House.

Family: None. Her parents and brother were murdered whenever she was younger. She was adopted by a family in America.

Do They Play Any Instruments?: Yes.

If Yes, What Do They Play?: Piano and Violin

Do They Speak Any Other Languages?: Yes

If Yes, What Are They?: German, English, Spanish, and French. She learned how to speak Spanish and French in high school so she could graduate.

Past Relationships?: None.

Extra: She is quiet.

She has anxiety so she takes medication for it.

House was the only person she's been with.

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