What is the event in your region you are most proud of?

Our Administrator of the Year event is the most anticipated event of the year. We love to come together and celebrate excellence!

Our Region 5 end of the year awards dinner and student recognition -- brings tears to my eyes every time. 

Our leadership summit is outstanding. We all feel like professionals....

Our regional awards banquet continues to grow. This year we also added a piece, before the banquet, where all the nominees were recognized.

At any moment in time, we can pick up the phone and talk to a job alike about any given topic. Outstanding collegiality. 

The Classifed Employee recognition dinner in Region 7 is a fabulous evening.

Goals for the 17/18 school year?????

Region 11 - will establish at two day retreat in June (day one is board & draft/budget, day two is charters as well and report out/tie to ACSA strategic plan)

Region 10 - review ACSA strategic plan and select 3 goals that tie to the plan - classified staff PD, equity, communication/advocacy/branding the region; revisit monthly at region meetings

Region 7 - two day retreat in June; increase region membership, increase participation at region assemblies

Region 4 - two day retreat in June, member outreach & support, build out communication/website/FB/Twitter to broaden engagement; ongoing PD, standing equity PD, book study, leg policy piece

Region 15 - increase local advocacy & grassroot work with legislators, tell "our story"

Region 6 - summer training in August with goals for the year, PD for the year; PD, communication, advocacy; 3 meetings with charters and monthly meetings to brainstorm work around these goals; two day leadership summit in June

Region 3 - August retreat; increase active participation, PD, improved communication with committee/councils, leg policy/leg action, charter goals

Region 12 - two areas of ACSA Strategic Plan to focus on, how to get remote areas more active, larger participation at regional leadership assemblies

Region 1 - two day June retreat; push advocacy & legislator relationships - clarify our problems, increase membership, PD in the region

Region 18 - advocacy with legislators, increased membership, review existing programs/structure, scholarships for students & increasing amounts/promote to all districts

Region 17 - four hours, expand region conference, expand social media/website to drive info and brand

Region 13 - two day retreat, more advocacy with legislators, connect members in charters to region events, stronger communication, opportunities to interact with the board

Region 16 - one day August retreat, continue to grow membership, reach out/include classified, bring an academy to the region (C&I), rep councils tie to their job alike members

Region 14 - theme is "engage" - legislators, non-members, PD that really counts

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