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How to export the virtual machine in ovirt management platform to OVA format file?Invalid directory when exporting virtual machine.

log:"[org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.exportimport.ExportOvaCommand] (default task-67) [d17ec694-85ef-4ff3-b97f-dac5194c6797] Validation of action 'ExportOva' failed for user admin@internal-authz. Reasons: VAR__ACTION__EXPORT,VAR__TYPE__VM,ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_INVALID_OVA_DESTINATION_FOLDER,$vdsName,$directory /data/www/wifiin/ovirt/test"


New to the community, starting to look at oVirt to help with a datacentre consolidation project to drastically reduce the number of physical servers.

As an added bonus, it looks like it might help solve some desktop management challenges we have. Since the desktop PCs are reasonably powerful, what I would ideally like is for them to be nodes, each capable of running a single templated VM for the local user.

I can only seem to find documentation relating to standard VDI, i.e thin clients and fat servers. As I'm trying to reduce the number of servers, this is not ideal.

Does anyone know of a similar setup or can provide some pointers?

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Don't miss oVirt conference in Milan, Italy on November 16th! The free event has been organized by +oVirt Italia n community with +Fastweb, +BioDec, +Red Hat Community and Extraordy collaboration. More info:
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oVirt Conference 2018

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We are excited to announce that the call for proposals is now open for the Virtualization & IaaS devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM 2019, to be hosted on February 2nd 2019.
This year will mark FOSDEM’s 19th anniversary as one of the longest-running free and open source software developer events, attracting thousands of developers and users from all over the world. FOSDEM will be held once again in Brussels, Belgium, on February 2nd & 3rd, 2019.
This devroom is a collaborative effort, and is organized by dedicated folks from projects such as OpenStack, Xen Project, oVirt, QEMU, KVM, and Foreman. We would like to invite all those who are involved in these fields to submit your proposals by December 1st, 2018.
More info:

Good afternoon everyone,
I would like to know if someone recommends integrating ssh from clients to Active Directory, or LDAP, using oVirt Node, since from what I read it is not recommended to install repositories outside of those that are in the same, due to compatibility.

Hello all and thank you in advance for your help.

I have been able to work out how to add vm via a call to the vms API. I am passing in a template via the api call and that is working. I do not have a network installed in the template. My use case for that was to hit “New vm”, fill in the hostname and network and let cloud-init set the hostname. That way I can create a new vm with just a few clicks.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how to define the network interface in the add vm api call. It looks like I should have to add the network interface in a second call after creation. If I add the interface in the <initialization> section for cloud-init I seems to have a chicken and egg problem. When I add the <initialization> section and the data for the ip address, netmask, default gateway, I get;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<detail>[Cannot add VM. Static IPv4 address is missing in cloud-init configuration.]</detail>
<reason>Operation Failed</reason>

That would seem to indicate to me that I need and interface before I can configure it. That makes sense. But how do I get an interface before I create the vm ?

What might I be missing?

The desired result is create a vm and set the hostname and ip info via the api so that I get a fully formed vm connected to the network. That gets me to the point of being able to download build scripts to install and start puppet.


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I deployed the GPU passthrought mode,the NVIDIA drivers was success installed in the ovirt-node and the virtual machine;
BUT ,now ,I have a trouble; The spice doesn't work well,I cant view the VM through the spice window,It always stop at the ‘windows picture’;but the VM is already started, I can get into the VM by ‘mstsc’;
my pictures are below
Who can help me to slove this problem?
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Good Morning,
I would like to know how best to implement the Ovirt host, whether using an installation, or using ovirt-none. Today I have two hosts in a cluster, using ovirt-node, but I have seen information on the site that says it is less performatic.

Thank you.
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