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Life is pain.

Any new questions?

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Your question has been answered Potato friend-o!
For this, I recommend you enter full screen with the images, then scroll past each one with the arrows.
Also, keep in mind that this was sketched up in a few minutes, so don't expect it to be too good.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :D
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Hello potato! I has a question 4 Lion Burger ;3

Q: Do you still want to be eaten?
~K bai!

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Welcome back! If you're reading this, you probably came from my Collection. Either way, I'm exited to announce this new community! This is a place where I will draw things you suggest. If you want to know what my drawings are generally like, check the link in the description of this account please! Anyways, I have two things in store for you in this community. 1: Drawing things you suggest, and 2: Having some of my characters (you can see in the link) reply to questions left in the comments you leave. I hope you're exited! This is probably the start of something great! Who will be first? :)
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