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Hello fellow creepypasta lovers! I am Adeen Death Moon. Write your OC's stories, their abilities and much more! Chat about your fave creepypasta! Make your own creepypasta quotes! In one category called "Guess this quote" you guess which creepypasta says which quote. guess which creepypasta is which, post videos, and much more. Thank you so very much for joining. I hope this community will grow
- Adeen Death Moon



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The Rake
The strider
The thing in your window
The thing that wears mommy's skin
The thing in the fields
The Rake
The strider
The thing in your window
The thing that wears mommy's skin

Death Moon

I arrived at my house earlier than usual. stepping up to my computer I turn it on to check my e-mail. "Skype, school, school, school... Ugh! Hey, whats this? Animal Jam.... Hmm..." I click on the e-mail. My friend who sent it says its a great website dedicated to animals and kid friendly. "Sounds kinda cool.... why not check it out..."  I click on the website and create my character. A wolf, with pitch black fur, blood red swirls and almost white eyes. I call her Death Moon, and starts playing. I look around to see no other Jammer so I go to decorate my den. But when I arrive there... Everywhere there are dead, disformed animal bodies. I stare at the screen supirsed and horrified. "What in the world?" I click on the den items button only to find a shredded bed, and more dead animals. My wolf then, on its own, walks to one part of the den. I watch in horror as it tears apart a fox. Quickly I close my computer. For the next couple of days I stayed away from that site, afraid of what I saw. I checked my e-mail after a month of hiding in the closet. There In bold letters I read "Death Moon is waiting for your return..... She is lonely.... Everyone runs away from her.... Come back To Me ChIlD..... CoMe BAcK... I NEeD A FrIEnD... In JaMMAa..." I shook my head and decided to check on the dreaded AJ... I went back, the homepage ruined.... The alphas were deformed, animal parts hanging everywhere... I logged in and then... I guess I passed out because I awoke in a hospital... I sat up and groaned... I saw something I didn't want to see... There, in my lap.... Was Death Moon.... She smiled at me then looked up at my parents, who stared at me in horror.... I created a monster.... and now... That monster is real....

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This is from a friend. She did great in my opinion. She gave me credit even so she is the one who did most of the work. If you like the story than tell her how good it was not me thank you.
An original story by +Natalie Clockwork Ouellette​​​​ and +Ins4ne Ik3​​​​

Free ride

My eyes opened and all I could see was a reddish glow. All my muscles aches. I could feel the blood streaming down my face. I was still clinging to the steering wheel for dear life even though the moment of the crash passed in an instant. The crash made the car look like it was hugging the tree. I tried to turn, it took all of my energy, but I managed. I turned with the little bit of energy I had. I seen my friend. His eyes were open but lifeless. Blood dripping from his mouth, running down his pale skin. He was covered in cuts and not breathing. He...was dead! I can still him screaming and calling out for me! "Frank! FRANK!" is still ringing in my head! I couldn't believe. I can't be.... NO it isn't true! I wasn't here I can't be here. I moved him to the driver's seat. I wiped off my prints and let the car catch fire! I wasn't here I was never here! I ran home and scrubbed off every inch of evidence. I WAS NEVER THERE!
I stood in the cold the following Sunday morning... dressed in black! We all did, our families and friends. Watching Robert, watching him slip away into the ground knowing this would be the last time we got to see him! As I realized this I couldn't help but cry at the thought I can never say I'm.... I'm sorry and wish I could take it all back. Take it all back or hell let it be me! The day after the accident I waited for the police to come..... For the police to pick me up and punish me for my crimes, but they never came! I watched as the news reported you as just some drunk man that lost control of his vehicle and crashed. I couldn't think of anything else! I was screaming for an hour or so afterwards. Yelling "GET OUT.... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" I decided to do only thing some common low life could do at this point. Got to a bar and get drunk off their ass. Drinking to cover the guilt and pain. "Hey!" said the bartender " Hey asshole, it's 2 the morning! I wanna go home!" "Yeah, I'm .... going!" The air was cool and brisk, emerging from the bar. I started to head for my dark blue car. Then "Smack!" I fell forward. While I tried to regain the wind that just got off of me I brush myself off and.... realized I dropped my keys! "Damn it! Where the fuck are they?!" I searched everywhere but no luck. "Shit shit shit... I'll come back and find them tomorrow. I've got time." I sighed and started heading towards my home. "No sweat I just live.... 10 fucking miles away! Great."
"Are you good to drive?" said Robert "Yeah, no sweat!" I lied. We were taking off from a local bar that night as I started to remember. I was driving past the woods, the same one I'm walking through now. I was walking through the woods for an hour and probably only got three miles. I felt like I had all the time in the world, but I didn't want to. Luckily, out of the inky dark abyss, two bright orbs appeared and pulled up next to me. The driver lowered the car window and said in a raspy voice, through his hoodie. "I saw you stumbling and though you might need a ride." "Oh thanks you, yeah I was just walking and..." "Hop in!" He interrupted. As I got in, he said "You could rest if you want to." "Hey thanks for everything, I'm Frank!" He paused then responded "I'm Greg Thomas, and no problem. That's what friends do!" I hardly paid any attention to him. I just fell asleep and started to... dream! I could see nothing but darkness. Then it was Robert's voice, but..... different almost... familiar. He was saying "All your fault! You will pay! You KILLED me!" Then the dream changed I opened my eyes and I saw fire. I couldn't move. I was in an accident, but the driver was... ME! I was hardly injured and I started to move. This Frank, the other ME, looked at me in horror and disgust. It looked like he would pass out! He let go of the steering wheel and started to crying and shouting "No it isn't true. I wasn't here! I can't be here!!!" I, HE, started to cross me over and I saw myself in the rear view mirror. I was covered in cuts and my skin was pale. I had blood coming from my mouth. I looked into my eyes and they just stared back. It felt like forever, until I said one thing, in Robert's voice, one thing.... "GUILTY!" Water started to pour into the car. We were sinking to the bottom of the ocean, just me... and my friend. I could move again! I started to panic and was hyperventilating. The car was filling quickly. I tried to open the door, but a hand grabbed my shoulder from behind. I slowly turned and there he was... staring at me and blood pouring out of his mouth. The water in the car turned to blood and he said again "GUILTY!" And the windows caved in.
I woke up gasping for air. I was still in Greg's car. We were getting close, only five miles more! It started to rain and it was 3:30. We were getting close to passing the crime scene on my way.... "Hey Greg, how do you know where I live!? Greg! Greg, tell me! HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE!?!" He started to laugh. Then it grew into a psychotic maniacal laugh. Those ones you hear in movies from psychos. "You though, HOPED, I would forget BY NOW! ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU, MY BEST FRIEND, HAS DONE TO ME!!!" "Who, the FUCK ARE YOU!!!" I shouted. He took a sharp left turn and crashed into the same trees before. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and felt most of my ribs braking. I coughed up blood and felt paralyzed he started to cross me over. As I started to black out, he pulled back his hood, revealing his rotting flesh. His eyes sunken in and his hair was already falling out. He pointed at himself and said "I'm Robert and you..." He pointed at me! "... ARE GUILTY!!!"

Today's Top Story! Another victim claimed Killer man's curve, into same tree young Greg Thomas' was taken. A man known as Frank Roberts, crashed on his way home, was driving his dark blue 2011 Ford Mustang GT. More on this story at 11:00!

(Warning could cause Depression to SOME people but not all)
This is my first creepypasta if you like it or have a problem with it than please tell me thank you enjoy.

La La La Lisa
This is a story about a little girl named Lisa. Lisa is a 10 year old girl, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She had one hobby. That specific hobby was singing. She had a beautiful voice and was the top rated singer in 5th grade. One day she decided to play hide-in-go-seek with her 2 younger brothers. Josh was the 2nd youngest. Josh was the one seeking why Lisa went to go hide. She walked into her parents room and seen a closet that had the letter “v” carved into it when she was younger. Lisa decided to hide in the closet. When she opened the closet door she saw a knife on a pile of clothes but just moved it out of the way. She hid in the closet and closed the door. She heard Josh say come out you win and she was about to open the door but her parents come in right before she opened the handle. She heard her mom yelling at Lisa’s dad. The mom said “why were you with her”. The dad replied “she’s just a friend that I was talking to”. “That’s why you went into her house and took 50 minutes to leave” said the mother. “Okay you caught me I am cheating on you and I’m going to go be with her right now” the dad said. The mother then was angry and going through many emotions and opened one of the closet doors and grabbed the knife but did not see Lisa in the closet. Lisa noticed that in black there was the letter “I”. The mom then stabbed the father leaving him in a bloody puddle. Lisa sat there watching the knife go into the dad over and over, with the father’s blood splattering onto the floor and on the mothers face. Lisa started to cry the mom opened the door, covered in blood, the mother said “we are just playing a game and we have to go somewhere and hide. It was terrifying seeing her mother covered in blood and her mother had a letter “R” on her mad from blood. Lisa agreed and the family moved to a new house. That was 4 months ago.  Now at the new house the mom noticed a huge change in Lisa. She asked Lisa to go up to her room and practice her singing sense singing always cheers her up. Lisa walked to her room and closed the door. Later the mom walked by the door and listened. Lisa kept singing this one line saying in the rhythm of ring around the rosy. “La La La I’m going to kill mama” after the line Lisa started to hum to the rhythm of the song. The mom was frightened and closed her door. The next morning the mom opened the door and noticed that Lisa’s door was open. The mom looked in the room no one was in there. She went into the kitchen and saw her to son’s neck slit and on the wall behind the boys was blood on the ground saying “I love my brothers” and the letter “U”. The mom started to cry then she heard Lisa’s singing. The mom grabbed the kitchen knife and smiled. She continued and started to hum ring around the rosy. Then the mother slashed her neck still with a smile. No one seen the daughter but there’s been cases of people committing suicide with one of Lisa’s songs on a note next to them. The mom’s body was discovered with her blood on the wall spelling “I love you mama” and a number 5. Children’s minds are unstable one mistake and it creates a monster let that be a warning because no one likes to be killed by something they created.
By: Ins4ne Ik3
(im ins4ne ik3 and i like to believe i fit that name pretty well. I thank the owner of this community and i thank you for reading. Ill thank you even more if you comment hope you enjoyed read my stories it means your ins4ne bye bye cr4zy pe0ple.)

Voices, Voices, and More Voices

You hear the vices, in the back of your head... Right? And you know that sometimes they can drive you crazy, right? It happened to a girl once but it got out of hand. She didn't just hear the voices. She SAW them. I will tell you the story.... but beware, the voices might not be to happy!

It was a warm sunny day, the week before summer vacation. Ruby sat in the grass with her parents and thought "Summer is near.... No more School, no more Bullies." Ruby was always bullied for being different. All because her eyes were blood red, just like her hair. And ever since she was bullied, she heard voices. The voices would tell her things she didn't want to believe. So, she blocked them out as best as she could. As Ruby drifted off to sleep the voices began saying things that she didn't want to hear. "No one needs you, Everyone forgot you.." Ruby shot up, gasping for air. A knife was beside her, fresh blood on it. She picked it up slowly, confused why it was here. Stepping on the floor, she felt something squishy and wet. "They left you...." Ruby shook them out of her head saying "No one forgot me... Shut up stupid voices.." Ruby walked to her parents room and opened the door slowly. Inside, there in front of the door, was an arm. Ruby gulped and walked in but stopped dead in her tracks. Her parents bodies were torn, scattered everywhere. Blood was splattered on the walls, with their hands and feet hanging. Ruby staggered back and ran out of the room. The voices grew louder. "They left you.... No one loves you..... You need US... WE wont leave you.." Ruby screamed and threw herself into a wall. "NO, YUR LYING! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" A figure stood in front of her, holding out its hand. She growled and ran off into her room. Again, the figure stood in front of her. She didn't want the voices to take over, she didn't want them to be her friends. She wanted her parents.... Not some Voices that make her murder people.  Lights flooded into the house and Police men came in. Ruby looked up at the lights and panicked. Her eyes closed and the voices told her exactly what to do. She took the knife and cut her arm, putting a note on the wall. One policeman went up to Ruby's bedroom but only found the bloody note. He stared at it for it read "No ne loved me.... I don't need them anymore, my friends are the voices..... You don't need friends... You need US.." And as he read it, he heard the voices in his head. For the past couple of months there were warnings, stating that no one should live in that house. The next year, a family moved in. The little girl, named Marian, skipped into her new room. That very night she heard someone whisper in her ear saying "No one wants you..... You need US.."

((Hope you guys liked it!))
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