I was wondering if anybody is using a Raspberry Pi 3 and the current Raspbian download Ver Stretch. I could install Raspbian Stretch with no problem but not get HSMM-Pi to install. I reverted back to an older Ver Jessie and HSMM-Pi installed fine.


Hi all
I am facing a problem with HSMM-pi setup ,
I have three raspberry pi, I want to create Mesh network. I have followed the installation steps in (https://github.com/urlgrey/hsmm-pi) but I could not access to HSMM-pi from my browser, it shows error server was not found. Please cloud anyone guides me with.

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After installed HSMM-pi on my raspberry pi ,and access to it from the browser it showed me the interface as shown in the screen below .after click login has shown me an error, as shown in the screen below. please any help regards this.
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I'm sure this has been asked and answered before - I am probably not searching for the answer correctly, so I'll ask.
So here is the problem - there is currently a AREDN mesh network in the area, using channel -2, and I have a Ubiquiti PicoStation setup and sort of working (I'm on the outer edges of the current mesh, and I don't get a lot of traffic)
I've been "playing" with the HSMM-PI and have gotten a couple up and running. I understand that the PI can't do the negative channels.
And I know that is why I can't see the wider mesh network - I did change the channel on the Ubiquiti and verified the PIs work and that was good.
But my question is shouldn't there be a way to hook the PI into the same router I have the Ubiquiti and shouldn't they both show up even if the channel isn't the same on either one (?) (effectively connected the two mesh "networks")
I think I am probably asking the question wrong or maybe I'm just thinking about it wrong.
(Does the PI network need it's own router ? or can I just connect it to the already in place router I have that the Ubiquiti PicoStation is connected to)

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I am not able to access map...
I have generated a key from bing map site and pasted it in location page and i have fixed some latitude and longitude and reboot it but still the map is not loading.
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I am trying to deploy hsmm-pi in nano-pi neo. I used ubuntu-xenial os which has kernel 3.4.39-h3 (from their official ROM list) and every thing went fine while running install.sh but on webpage it does not show any other nodes in the mesh and other nodes show nanopi as asymmetric link.
When i used ifconfig i can see that wlan0 has many RX packets drop which i assume are olsr packets of other nodes.
RX packets stop dropping when i start using wireshark(to see the packets).
I used the same usb-wifi adapter with Beaglebone-black and it was working fine with BeagleBone-black.
Any help will be very helpful.

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I have an existing mesh using Linksys WRT54G wifi/routers. One of the WRT54G's is a gateway to the internet.

I just added a Rasp Pi3 to the mesh. I can ping from the pi. I can see the gateway in the node list on the Pi. I cannot ping any other internet ip address nor any domain name. I cannot get access to the internet through the linksys. What have I missed?

Wireless IP on Pi is inet netmask broadcast

Lan IP on the Pi is: inet netmask broadcast

Nothing is attached to Lan port yet.

wireless IP on the Linksys gateway is: inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

is it because the netmask IP is different between the Linksys and the Pi?

thanks in advance

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