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Roommates, Apartments, Apartment Shares, Couple room & houses in any country around the world are available here.

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All types of Rent room are also available, for getting more information about room rent & flats, Just visit and login with your face book.

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Hi there, I am Nubali Iffat. I have been doing Craigslist Posting from since 2010 .



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Thank You....
Best Regards
Nubali Iffat

still searching for a 2 bedroom rental,i have a voucher,the house i live in is being sold,the problem is no one wants to accept it ,also to go along with this is a credit report ,which it makes no sense to me because most places i thought would care about the numbers,but they care about if you owe any form of bills paid in the past.i am just going a little crazy with all of this because you would think fresh start ,trying to get back on your feet,messy divorce,trying to do right for the children which in a lot of situations goes hand and hand.not at all in this ,so you fix your credit ,try to find someone who will work with you?the story of my life,i have been looking for a new place since march, we are in november ,i need to find one person to please work with my situation,so they can see i am a good tenant,with a voucher not a destructive one that would mess up the rental.any way i can not get one or the other i have put deposits on places as soon as they run my credit ,they won't rent to me ,or they don't take section 8 .i guess i really did not know how it would be trying to search for something else.

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The rent or buy debate. It’s a battle many people have with themselves, with the pride of home ownership in one corner of the ring and the ease of renting in the other.

Pros of buying include "owning" a property. And then there’s the equity, or value of ownership once the property is paid off, and the market value of the home appreciates.

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Chicago's Best Corporate Rental Apartments!

Call 800.833.0331 or visit us on the web at to book your apartment today.
CORPORATE RENTAL APARTMENTS in Chicago's River North neighborhood available now for long and short term rental. One monthly rent payment includes all utilities & amenities.

Call CORPORATE SUITES NETWORK at 800.833.0331 or 312.902.2090 for special rates.

Visit us on the web at or send us an email at
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i am trying to find a rental for my daughter and i and we have had not the best luck.the house i live in is being sold and we have a section 8 voucher,my 30 day was giving in march from our landlord,they have paid him before he was selling the house and we have lived here ,through the program for the past 9 years,i have been having such a hard time with this,i have found several rentals since we started searching back in march,i have put deposit down ,application fees ,whatever they needed,the problem started right away with them running credit check,and i am divorced for the past several years,but i still am carrying my x husbands now not only do people want to take section 8 ,i am dealing with this.i am so scared because we are in the month of october and november is when it can expire and this is my 2nd request for more there any else i can do to find a rental?

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Does business or relocation bring you to Chicago?  Are you in need of a furnished apartment for a few days or possibly for a few months? 

Corporate Suites Network specializes in providing furnished apartments for short and long term stays in the Chicago area. Check out the furnished apartments at the brand new Marquee at Block 37 located in Chicago's loop neighborhood.  We offer studios, one, and two bedroom apartments with all utilities included and exceptional amenities!  

Call (800) 833-0331 or visit us at for more information.
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