Name: Sher Lock
Age: 16
Rank: Highest possible
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, blue eyes, black hair, always wears black overcoat
Godly Parent: Athena
Weapon: A weird thing he calls a death frisbee. It looks like a hat, but is deadly. Also uses a gun with celestial bronze sometimes
Cohort: Unknown
Strengths: Can analyze a person just by looking at them, very intelligent
Weaknesses: Makes a lot of enemies, the few friends he has he would die for

(+Ingrid Welna  please assign him a cohort and position)

Name- Pickle PI
Rank-unknown at this time
Description-short and round, often wears pi t-shirts
Weapon- several pies to throw as well as a boomarang
Cohort- unknown
Godly parent- unknown
Strengths- can memorize things like the digits of pi, all cyclops are her friends, is good at math.
Weaknesses- is often prone to being cranky and falls asleep alot.

Hi I am Pi Pickle, of the 3.14rd cohort, daughter of Pickle Pie!

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?!?! (i never really read the Son of Jupiter......................................)

hi people and wecome to the 5th Cohort!!!!!!!!!!!

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