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Gender: (Male or Female)
MVP Song: (MUST be a licensed song, or a song from your character's game.)
Favorite Weapon(s):
Appearance: (Can be a picture, or described in detail.)

ARMS RACE Scheduled
Free for all
any character allowed
Guns for both sides (in order)

Rules: 2 kills to rank up, kill the leader and rank up immeadietly, knife someone and steal a level. Map: OFFICE
random respawns and winner plays mvp tune

0 Bizon
1 Mp7
2 Scout (ssg-08)
3 ump-45
4 mac-10
5 cz-75 auto
6 galil-ar
7 m4a4 (not m4a1-s)
8 ak-47
10 Scar-20
11 m249
12 usp-s
13 sawed-off
14 mag-7
15 p2000
16 Golden knife

Report in, CTs and Ts! An Arms Race match is going to go live at 2032 hours. (8:32 in millitary time)

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Name: Domino lead
Faction: Gsg 9
gender: male
MVP song: MVp tune from UBER BLASTOPHONE (music kit:
Weapons: AUG Syd mead with "Certified ninja" sticker, Cz75-auto Red Astor with "silent ninja (foil)" sticker
Butterfly knife case hardened (named "Venom, no antidote")

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Name: Hector Richtor
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: lives in america, bloodline leads to him being german
Faction: CT
MVP Song: Razor sharp by Pegboard Nerds and Tristam
Favorite Weapon(s): Mag-7 heat, and r8 amber fade, night Bowie knife

All members are now able to launch their own matches at any time.
There needs to be AT LEAST 2 people on each team.

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Heh... this will be interesting
Name: Miles "Tails" Prower 
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Race: Two-Tailed Fox 
Faction:  FBI (CT)
MVP Song: I Am (All of me) by Crush 40 (lol seemed like a good idea)
Favorite Weapon(s): AWP, Desert Eagle, and Nova

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Name: Humberto "Berto" Servin Estrada
Sexuality & Gender: Straight Male
Age: 14
Race: Mexican-American / British
Faction: SAS (Special Air Force)
M. V. P. Song: "Shell Shocked" by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign ft. Kill The Noise & Madsonik
Link of the Song:
Favorite Weapons: Black Dual Berettas, 2 C4s, 3 HE Grenades & a Counter Terrorist Knife.
Appearance: On Google+.
Team Req. Name: Team Ü
Team Ü Members: Me, Myself & I.
Team Ü Logo: On the second image of this post.
Team Req. Name: SEAL Team 6 or SEAL Team VI
Outfit Variant: From the United States Navy SEALs & from Fake Sonic the Hedgehog Characters / Original Characters.
Fraction Req. Logo: On the third image of this post.

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I needed to show this here!

Specter: Alright, rookies, listen up! We get in, eliminate the terrorists and defuse the bomb! Failure will not be tolerated!

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