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hey everyone.for those of you who are new hear. welcome.
to everyone. lets start rps and stuff. i dont want this community to die again. so pleas start rping

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"I remember the last thing I saw was the stars.. so i renamed myself Galaxy. To remember the stars"


Name: Galaxy Storm

Age: 25

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Weapon: None

Abilities/Powers: Can transform into a bigger version of Planet

Appearance (Add Picture as well): Blind, lavender blueish eyes, long deep purple hair

Likes: Music, Drawing, Nature, Night

Dislikes: Factories, Death

Pets/Familiars: Small sparkly dragon named Planet

Partners: None

Family: None

Theme Songs
Counting Stars - OneRepublic
Dead Hearts - Stars
Masterpiece Theater 3 - Marianas Trench

"When it rains, look for Rainbows. When it's dark, look for Stars."
"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars."
"When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars."

"I like to help kids that are blind or whatever they were born with. I kinda work here. Hannah, the vice principal, likes to help me with what I do"

Personality: Calm, Wise, Friendly, Caring,

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name: yuna maroo
nickname: galaxy
Age: 5
species: dragon
gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Weapon: none yet
apperance: (the pic exept she has one arm her left one and is blind in both eyes also has a red tail
likes: her brother. they never really leave eachothers sides
dislikes: bullies (she is bullied alot so she is kind of depressed. but she is fine aslong as she has family
Pets/familiars: she is good with summoniung magic so she can summon large creatures to fight for her
Partners: none
Family:alot of people

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*Rp For +hero of fire and +Darius Little*

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Thalia was holding Samantha in her arms. Hot tears ran down her cheeks


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(hey you guys mind if I post a community link here? I just made it and I'm looking for some members plz and thx)

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You we're making your way over to class as usual when you saw two senior students. They seemed to be acting a little strange. Then you saw one of them pull out a light and a pack of cigarettes, you looked at him. He had a torn shirt, tattoos on his arms, ripped jeans and icy blue eyes. Not to mention the smell of blood. His name was Nickolas, your not so friendly neighborhood vampire. He was smoking inside the school and since you liked to be a good student and help out you wanted to tell the vampire to knock it off, you then saw the other boy grab the cigarette pack and the lighter. He was a skeleton. No like he really was a skeleton or at least looked like one. You then realized these are the guys that always, get in trouble, start fights, and are just bad news. People in your grade would always talk about them. So and so back talked a teacher or So and so were smoking in the bathroom. You shook your head but in all honestly you didn't know what to do, let them get in trouble on there own and scold them right then and there, You decided to-
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🔓Basic Information🔓
Full Name: Jonathan Myers
Nick names: Johnny
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, Cold Hearted, Shallow
Occupation: ~None~
Dream Occupation: Novelist (?)
🔒Personal information🔒
Date of birth: November/21/1997
Birth day: November/21
zodiac sign: Scorpio
blood type: O -
birth place: Arizona
Allergic to: None
Languages spoken: English/French
Parents/ Guardians: Jean and Alexandria
adopted/ real parents: Real Parents
siblings: A younger sister and brother
species: Human/Skeleton
powers: ~None~
strengths: ~None~
weakness: ~None~
Color: Black/White
Animal: Bat
Flower: Black Rose
Food: Toast
drink: Boba Tea
song: Follow You By Bring Me The Horizon
singer: Gerard Way
band: My Chemical FUCKING Romance
Movie: This Is A Wasteland
other random likes: Tattoos, Smoking
Color: Bright Pastels
Animal: ~None~
Flower: ~None~
Food: ~None~
Drink: Green Tea
song: Pop/Hip Hop songs
singer: Justin Bieber
band: ~BOTDF~
Movie: Hush (Not really my favorite either personally.)
other dislikes: Drinking
eye color: Black
hair color: Black
hear length: Short But Fluffy
hight: 6'2
Clothes choice: Alternative/Dapper
🌸Relationship related🌸
status: Single
crush: ~None~
sexuality: Homosexual
first kiss: Yes
Virgin/ not Virgin: Not Virgin
🎬Life related🎬
Bio: Quiet, introvert. Jonathan never liked being around other people until he met someone just like him. Nickolas. They were like twins, even there personalitys were almost alike. The reason Jonathan doesn't like talking to people just because they don't matter to him. If they don't mean something to him in some sort of way then he doesn't even waste his time on you.
Tragic/Important events: ~None, other than a few heartbreaks~
Dream: ~Doesn't Know Yet~
Goal: ~Doesn't Know Yet~
cooking: 5/10
fighting: 8/10
reflex: 5/10
Acting: 2/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Memory: 6/10
weapon using: 6/10
training: 8/10
🕓Extra Information🕓
Friends: Nickolas
pets: A ferret.
enemies: ~Open~
Grade: Senior
Major: Poetry
theme song: If It Means So Much To You By A Day To Remember
Quote: "Cause the hardest part of this, Is leaving you." - Cancer By My Chemical Romance

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Vic was walking to school, like most days. It was well before dawn, the sun was to rise in an hour or so, giving him plenty of time to stroll through the quiet forest down the path, or what was left of a path anyways (group rp once again if anyone would like to join)
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