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Rank In Military:



Weapons: (Preferable modern weapons)





is an M-60 recent enough?

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Name draco stonejaw
Age 25
Gender male
Sexuality straight
Weapons 44 magnum lever action rifle double barrel shotgun bowi knife
Military rank private first class
Nationality american
Likes good food friends and of course a good time
Dislikes getting shot and having his gun stolen or hidden
Bio he is just a regular soldier but with a dead eye shot with his rifle and great with his double barrel shotgun at close range ready for anything he's a fresh private but he's dangerous at hand to hand as well
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Name: X

Age: 18

Gender: male

Rank In Military: 1st private

Sexuality: Bi

Nation: U.S.A

Weapons: knife, sniper rifle, dual fire pistols

Personality: adamant

Bio: a skilled fight in training with amazing accuracy, reaction, and speed which can overwhelm his foes. He may be tired alot but he's very intelligent and strong


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Name: Blood Moon

Age: 28

Gender: M

Rank In Military: Freelance

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Nation: Outsider

Weapons: sniper rifle and tooth&claw are the primary, but the loadout can change a bit. Has some inherited black magic, but doesn't use it in combat.

Personality: justifyably arrogant. Thinks everything through and always keeps an eye out for traitors.

Bio: Mother was a red sergal, father was a black hellspawn dragon. They taught me all I know of hunting, killing, and living. My loyalty is to my best interest. My allegiance, to the highest bidder. However I like nothing less than a bold faced liar. My trust is short and my grudges are long.

Extra: A red and black winged sergal, Blood Moon is agile and clever. 

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Name: Skyller Edward Ryth

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Rank In Military: Commodore

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nation: UN (United Nations) [UN IS MODS/OWNER ONLY]

Weapons: Bushmaster ACR, Glock-21, Carbon-steel combat knife

Personality: A generally nice guy, Sky is pretty calm to everyone he meets. When in battle, he keeps his cool, and blocks out most emotion. 

Bio: Skyller was born and raised a soldier. He was in his cadets, and both his parents were in the armed forces. Growing up, he always tried to stop others from hurting one another, and by the age of 16, he was nicknamed 'Peacekeeper' by his classmates. After going through his military collage, he became an officer. The UN quickly recognized his skill, and recruited him to be a full-time leader for them. Even now, with his own men, he's still called 'Peacekeeper', much to his amusement.
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Name: Mai Roo

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank In Military: Slodier

Sexuality: Bi

Nation: Netherlands

Weapons: Sniper

Personality: Shy and quiet

Bio: he was always aloan. when he wannet to talk to other people they just got scared becasue they did not seeing him. he used that to his atvantage. he trained in the army and chose to use a sniper as his primary weapon. he dont like to get up close. but rather from far away. one shot one kill



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Hey all! I'm bored. Message me on hangouts to do some sort of roleplay! 


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