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Pink Ruby locsnskin herbal treatment 

Hey there beautiful people ! Been a while since I posted . So much going on . Been researching on my latest discovery i.e. Traditional skin care treatments and the ever lush Moroccan black soap . I can't rave about these items enough ! Stay tuned to my page for more information . 

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Well Howdy beautiful people !

Discover multitudes of ways to enrich your skin with new, rare baobab oil. This oil comes from Zambia, where it is pressed from the fruit of the baobab tree. The oil is considered so valuable, that people from across the globe will travel to Zambia to get it. In fact, the baobab tree is often called 'The Tree of Life'. Filled with anti-oxidants that havee been said to slow the aging process. Now you can get this oil from your own home, and experience this African treasure for yourself. Baobab oil is endowed with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, and F that work to dramatically improve your skin. Made in Zambia. M-357 .

Ingredients: Adansonia digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil.

Shelf life of 4-5 years.

Here are just some of the many benefits of baobab oil:

Moisturizes dry skin
Dramatically improves skin tone
Reduces signs of aging
Heals acne, and scarring from acne
Heals scars and stretch marks
Heals eczema and psoriasis
Can be used in soapmaking
Can be used as an intensive hair conditioner
Can be used as a hot oil treatment Conditions cuticles and nails.

Click on the link and discover Africa's secret to beautiful skin. You can equally copy and paste the link . Enjoy !

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Can you use oils on Locs ?

Hey there beautiful people ! So a client of mine recently asked this question as a newbie . She was not sure if oils were good for our natural hair. Oils are wonderful not just for our hair but for our skin too.

Visit our website on . Check out the link and view our wonderful healing oils from out of Africa. You would be amazed at what Mother Nature can provide ,all for our benefit and sustainability. Enjoy ! 

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Howdy beautiful people . How is everyone doing ? 😄 . Did you know that Honey is great for your skin and natural hair ? Where i come from,we get pure honey from the creeks . Where is that ? I know you are already asking . It is a place called Calabar , Cross River in Nigeria . The Honey here is so potent that it is fantastic to make a Honey scrub with. Check out my website on where i will be sharing wonderful recipes for your Locs and Skin . I sure can't wait ! 

Locs and thinning

Thinning Locs and thinning around the edges , is a common occurrence. The more severe thinning could be as a result of medication, illness just to name a few. However, the more common causes of thinning in Locs could be as a result of frequent twisting or relocing, where the Locs are twisted too tight and too frequent thereby causing traction alupeacia in some instances ,constant manipulation of the Locs, constant styling . Another cause of thinning is trimming the strand of Locs in the name of keeping the strands neat and tidy. If done too frequently, there is a tendency for each strand of Locs to thin out. Dying your Locs too frequently with dyes that contain strong chemical can cause the your Locs to fall out .

Keeping it simple when it comes to maintaining your Locs is so important. Locs does not require too much manipulation like loose natural hair . Leaving your Locs alone and avoiding too much manipulation has its benefits.

If your hair is thinning out at the edges , rub some Ginger on the thinning area to stimulate growth. 

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Ginger helps with thinning edges . Feel free to leave your comments . 

Hi beautiful people ! What a year it has been . So going natural was not exactly an easy ride for me . Not just going natural but choosing to Loc my hair . I was excited and nervous all at once . Keeping and carrying Locs has been both a journey and an experience for me . I always assumed that once you carry my type of hair , you are free from any type of maintenance . I was wrong . Like a plant you need to keep nurturing your Locs and that was where I discovered challenges and realized that my type of hair isn't well represented. How so ? Any product we put in our hair stays in our hair unlike the loose natural hair where it is easy to comb out the products , wash and condition. This was where my quest to find the right products for Locs began.

They say less is more and this holds true when maintaining Locs. I decided to keep things simple. Locsnskin was founded under this premise and as a Natural Hair Image Consultant I will be here to guide, discuss, learn and unlearn , suggest products for Locs and our skin too.

Please fill free to follow , comment . What has been your experience so far ? Loc'd queens , Kings, loose naturals . I can't wait to hear from you all . Hugs .

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