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Action Launcher v37 is out now! "Desktop shortcuts" lead the way, taking Android P's new-look desktop long press UI, adding color and fully customizable shortcuts! Full details of this jam packed update here:

Install (free):
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+Chris Lacy Action Launcher is the winner in terms of customizations and cosmetics beauty but performs way below in terms of performance, stability and fluidity. Battery consumption issues, crashes and lag, freezing, over heating when in use. App drawer not smooth as it should when compared.

All these are many many problems am having with using Action on my device every day.

I am particularly concerned because is the most expensive and most loved app I have ever bought from Google play store.

I want to appeal to you Mr +Chris Lacy to try a little further and make the app much more better because I know you can. Thanks.

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Samsung Dual app (feature) displays dummy icon in app drawer. I'm using dual apps for Skype & WhatsApp.
Phone: Note 8 (Running Stock Oreo)

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How do I change the background colour of the "Desktop Shortcuts". It takes the vibrant colour variation automatically and i haven't set the vibrant colour for any of the components.
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Google now feed pan should have an option to show it as an overlay on the home screen.

Hello Chris,
can you pair the height of the docks with the used sperator in the next updates?

I mean with dock height the free space between dock icons and Google search

flat high dock, pixel and no seperator less high.
So that one can determine which coloring to which dock.
thanks thomas


Why is Action Launcher constantly using my location services? Every time I click off an app to go to the home screen, the GPS symbol appears and persists as long as I stay on the launcher.

Am I the only one experiencing this? If anyone has a fix I would be very grateful :) Thanks.

Is there anyway to turn off the 'Search Apps' function in the app drawer?

I have a lgg6 on stock 8.0 on stock launcher Google just use 160mb but on action it uses 560mb of memory
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