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Here are the rules of this community 


1.) If you are not apart of the Homestuck fandom and are asking a completley unrelated question your question will either be removed or ignored

2.) You may ask ship questions but please respect other's ships

3.) Please don't add questions with OC's I don't know them enough to answer any questions related to them

4.) Please no questions that are too inappropriate or sexual. They will be removed if so.

Anyways, please have fun! Go and ask away! 

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Just 4 fun ;)

Omg kill me
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+Terezie Pyrope: "John and Dave, are you two a couple?"

Dave: "No"

John: "Yes"

Intense camera look
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john, on a scale of 1- dave how gay are you. 

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I accidentally made this GIF and decided to post it anyways! 

So here, take this:
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John and Dave, are you two a couple?

Me and +Dirk Strider are in John and Dave cosplay right now

So feel free to ask questions for us!

We will be doing fan service as well you you may ask any questions like that


Do you like turtlez?

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When John see's his mate:
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who would you choose to kiss? jake dirk or dave?
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