When He appeared on the mountain, it was time for the lone, the lost, the cast out, the forgotten, the poor, the weary and the sick. Them who casted their eyes unto the hills, He appeared to each one of them, individually according to their needs. To some He was Jehovah Jireh (the Lord that provide), to some He was Jehovah Raphah (the lord that healeth), to some He was Jehovah Nissi (the Lord my banner), to some He was Jehovah Sebbaoth (the Lord of hosts), to some He became Jehovah Rohi (the Lord my shepherd). He appeared to each one of them, individually according to their needs.

I asked God a favor
I have lived in a world of my own
Where I was obsessed with revenge
Addicted to to hatred
Vengeance was greater than forgiveness
And anger stronger than compassion
My heart was sore and love had no place to dwell
Scars and wounds ruled the day while fear took over at night
A touch was a smack and a kiss was a bite
I asked God for a favor and He replied as He willed
I was clothed in blood and blinded by rage
When things were exciting I assumed God was at work
That was a remnant of hope even though it was weak and hidden
And when the powers of evil were abroad I least saw Him
I thought Him to be dead
Forgetting Him so easily because in my illusion He was none existing
I asked myself, who are these people whose lives are always sunrise
But truth always resonates from within,
He is most at work when He is invisible
Still, I asked God for a favor
For my heart was weary, my memory distorted,
I was weak, wounded and my spirit bleeding
And God, He replied as He willed

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Hi, this is Aliyah here. I'm new here, and I would like to get to know you all, poets!
I am the author of "Miss Conceptions" (my poetry collection on amazon and Goodreads) and I run three blogs on wordpress.com.

I believe that there is rhythm within every human being, and they just have to express it.

This is me-


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I've tried a new style of writing and couldn't think of a title but please check it out if you have a moment!

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It's a bit early for her birthday in March however I've been in a low mindset and it pretty much wrote itself. Let me know what you think!

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One of my new uploads so please give it a read if you have a chance

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My new post... Wasn't sure about a title yet so give it a read and let me know if you have any ideas!

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My new post! Please read it if you get the chance and I'm open to any comments or thoughts! 😊

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Recently realised that a friendship I cherished so much was completely one sided. Although I don't want to let it go completely, I have now discarded any emotion towards it. Please read my latest post!

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Last one today I swear! I also wrote this last night from a place of hurt. Its actually intended to be a song but I've always believed there's an essence of poetry in good lyrics. Please give it a reaad 😊
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