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Name: Emy Rune
Age: 17
Type: Main- Ice sorceress, Sub- Art of diversion magic and summoning magic

Sign: Scorpio

Weapon: Sword and gun
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, singing
Club: I want to apply for basketball club
Profile: Student

Hi, my name is Emy Rune. Nice to meet you. :D
I hope we can have a good fight sometimes.

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name stitch
age 17 of 20
born  9 June 18bby
bio   626 or Jedi master
friends +stoick the vast 10 the main protagonist of how to train you dragon 4 rise of hero 
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Name : Ashley Aldaine
Personality : sweet and kind but once she knows you she can be sassy 

Sign: Scorpio

Likes: Sweet, talkative people (although she isn't very talkative herself), being alone to write or draw and sweet things.

Dislikes: being shunned or embarrassed

Hobbies: drawing and writing

Name: Mckenize Yui Mane

Nickname: Middle name (Yui)

Position: Student

Age: 15

Sign: Pisces

Personality: Artistic, Brave, Honest, Stubborn, Not afraid to speak her mind

Appearance: Pink/White hair, Pink eyes, Wears black glasses, (Clothing) White vest with demi shorts and red shoes/(The style of Hatsune Miku but Pink and Black)/ School uniform

Hobby: Gaming, Writing stories, Doing art

Likes: Drawing, Archery, gaming, Spicy food, Being free, Doing games like truth or dare etc, Doing tricks with skateboard, having adventures to new areas

Dislikes: Staying in one place, Not able to have freedom

Clubs: Music and Art club

stands on top of the roof to the school and looks out into the open and thinks

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єχ¢υѕє му ℓαηgυαgє, ρℓєαѕє.
Quotes: Feel more than welcome to fuck off.
Name: Jean Bladeslinger
Gender: Male
Age: 16 in a half
Height: 5'9
Weight: 111.2
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Personality: Cold, can be a dick sometimes, can be nice to people depending on their situation, he hates people coming onto him, stubborn, pretty bright.
Clubs: Gaming club
Student or teacher: Student, but can do tutoring.
Likes: Reading, eating, playing video games
Dislikes: vegetables and candy
Bio: Jean was born on 3/27/????, after birth his parents were brutally murdered by a group of bandits and was raised by them. He later escaped and learned the path of the Samurai from an old man. Becoming a master, he needed to get an education before disembarking on a journey.

So I'm new here so here goes. I am a Golden Dragon slayer. I can change from human to dragon (like acnologia). I use this golden substance for my attacks (sometimes confused as golden flames). And my magic can be eaten by any one. Instead of a cat I have a changeling dragon named kuovo (co-voo), he can change his shape and form. My mother was Arith (air- th) the Queen of the golden dragons (she was right up there with igneel and acnologia). She has disappeared though, but she had given me a silver dragon pendant that I wear around my neck. I'll be a new student in the B-class. Please treat me well

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Name: Anniken Arcadia
Age: 14
Personality: Cold hearted, eventually warms up to people, lonely and quiet.
Likes: Her friends, being alone (mostly), drawing, music and playing games.
Dislikes: Being used, betrayed and stabbed in the back.
Club: Art club
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