Hi Guys ! ! ! !

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I was actually a part of this group before but I lost my computer with all my stuff so I had to start over I use to be dick pussyton

Hey just wanted to let you guys know you're fucking retards :)

I have been a fool, made mistakes, monumental ones. I fought for you Rich, and this was the thanks I got. I battled the crusaders and risked my life for the cause, only to be spit on. I looked past your mistakes Rich, but I can't look past this, you've betrayed me. And to the Big Cheese Crusaders, your idol has betrayed you as well. I now see who the real enemy is: RTU and BCG. I propose an alliance between the Big Cheese Crusaders and myself. Together we can defeat RTU and BCG and their newfound axis of evil.

So I ask you now Crusaders, who's with me?

Tell me, do you know what its like? What its like, to have your greatest chicken and your 200 dollars stolen? I do, and you know who stole them?? ReviewTechUSA. He stole my chicken, and my 200 dollars. #DeclareWarOnRich2k15  #ReviewChickenUSA

ReviewHellUSA why don't we get together and start cutting each other. Self mutilation is the IN thing now....

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Fuck rtu that fat cucumber sucking fuck

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