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Free Health Clinic for Detroit & Flint

Your help is needed!

Now is the time to reach out to the people of Detroit and Flint who have nowhere to turn for the healthcare they need. Together with Care Harbor, you can make a difference in their lives. 

For the last 6 years, we've had our clinics in the Los Angeles area. This year things will be a little bit different because we're going to add a new clinic location to our list. We're headed out to Detroit! 

Because Flint is close to Detroit, we're on a mission to raise enough money to extend the days of the upcoming Care Harbor clinic and invite the victims of the Flint water crisis to join us. Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide the Flint community with enough bus transportation to our free clinic to receive the healthcare and basic necessities they so desperately deserve. While at the Care Harbor Detroit  clinic, everyone who is registered as a patient has the opportunity to receive free dental fillings, extractions and teeth cleaning, eye exams, prescription glasses, medical evaluations and procedures, as well as immunizations and screenings.

We hope that you're enjoying your Saturday? What's your favorite weekend to-do?

Happy ‪#WellnessWednesday! What are some of your tips for staying healthy?

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