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Hi Guys, how are you?

Guess what! Eric is doing a one (1) day Masterclass workshop and there is two of them coming in this month of March.

Check it out!! If interested to register, just call or message me at 0126907713.

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Use these links for reference

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Student of KL Cert 25, you have gone through the "Referencing Your Reflective Essay" during Weekend 2. Check out these links for some shortcuts and tips as to how you can effectively and effortlessly met the requirements of the Reflective Essay examination. 

Combine all these three handouts together and start completing them as soon as you have completed each techniques. If you are not sure how to make use of these, check with me if you are attending the tutorial on 24 Feb 2016.!2113&authkey=!AJNUwhH4xtnDA2I&ithint=file%2cdocx!2114&authkey=!AO2kE7asfjtf66M&ithint=file%2cdocx!2115&authkey=!AH15z4uymGGoh8U&ithint=file%2cpdf
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Dear Students,

If you received email from UWL contains your username and password for their BLACKBOARD, please ignore the email. thank you.

You will be having your Weekend 2 on 20 & 21 Feb 2016. I encourage all of you to participate actively in all practical sessions unless there are constraints to doing so.

As Confucious said 2,500 years ago, "Teach me and I will forget, show me and I remember, but involve me and I will understand".

By the way, for those who have prepared your Weekend 1 reflective diary and would like it to be checked by me, I'll be around at another class nearby so feel free to pass your write-up to me. I'll pop in your class around 9:45am on 20 Feb 2016 and will return the write-up around 1:00pm on the same day.

For students' notes.

If you are practising using just induction (as in during Practice Session #1), allow your subject to have a short moment to enjoy the relaxation instead of being awakened upon the induction being completed.

Once you are done with your induction script, just mention this so that your subject knows you are still there and the moment of silence is for them to relax even more:-

"And... now... I'll give you a moment to enjoy this nice state until it's time to awaken you"

You can let your subject be in that state for about 30 seconds if you wish or it can be shorter. The idea is not to abruptly awaken your subject upon being induced or else your subject won't have an enjoyable trance session.

Dear Students, please find your student number below. Thank you.

NO Student ID Title First Name Last Name
1 14797 Dr Chitra Devi Ramiah
2 14798 Dr Usha Nair
3 14799 Dr Kavita Bhojwani
4 14800 Dr Yang Wai Yan
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