For you people that are interested in the latest family history technology, I just finished making a major part of my genealogy tool.  It is a web app that creates an on-line family history presentation.  It can be added to the index show up on a searchable map.  Everyone is welcome to look at the site and let me know if you like it. 

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+Russ Worthington, +Jenny Lanctot, and +Barry Kline - RootsTech 2014 accepted our hands-on workshop proposal - Google Hangouts 101a: The Panelists' View

Wonder how much things will change by early February? 😃

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RootsTech 2014 registration goes live in August! Who will be attending next year? 

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Welcome to the RootsTech Rowdies Community! The purpose of this community is to keep the RootsTech conversations going. After attending the first two RootsTech conferences in person, and now, one from home, I am convinced that the RootsTech conference is unique, and the conversations generated there are just as unique. My favorite aspect is the "future" is technology helping our research and how will it change it in the future? Once a year is just not enough for the genealogy community to discuss these issues - and the RootsTech issues usually fall outside of he standard genea-tech talk that floods our genealogy community. So keep it going....from the developer to the beginner: what did you learn, what do you want to learn at future conferences, and what news have you heard about planning?
So far, we have one owner, me, but I'm looking for other moderators to help with housekeeping and conversations. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please let me know.
If you are new to Google+ Communities, look around to familiarize yourself with the layout. Categories are on the left below the community profile picture. Upcoming Events are on the right below members and the option to “Start a new hangout.” When you post something in the box at the top center of the screen, it will post to this community. This is a public community so non-members can see posts.

Before we get to the fun stuff there are a few housekeeping issues to address (a.k.a. Community Guidelines).
1) The first rule of any online community is courtesy. Please treat your fellow community members with respect. Try to be clear with your questions and realize that we are all here to help each other but answers may not come instantly.
2) Please post to the correct category for your question or comment. Select a category from the drop-down box above the green share button. Keep in mind that the categories all apply to Kentucky, not genealogy in general.
3) If you aren't sure which category applies to your post, use “Discussion.” If you have suggestions for additional categories, please let us know. Keep in mind we are limited in the number of categories so we can’t, for example, have a category for every county.
4) When posting a link, please include a brief explanation as to why you think it would be interesting to this community. Simply posting links without engaging the community is discouraged.

You May Post:
Questions, comments, tips or links related to Kentucky genealogy including events featuring topics of interest to Kentucky researchers. For topics unrelated to Kentucky genealogy, check out the wide variety of other Communities here at Google+. 
You May Not Post:
Advertisements — this Community is for discussing Kentucky genealogy; any advertisements or offers for products (including those for genealogy services) should be done in your personal Google+ stream (and only to interested parties). Google is serious about filtering spam/advertisements and it will catch these and notify the moderators. Moderators have the right to remove any post or person from the community.
Personal Messages — you can send a private message to a member of the Community by posting to them in the Google+ stream rather than sharing with the Community. 

Welcome to the group and let's start sharing!
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